Dead Cells APK v3.3.13 (All DLC)

Dead Cells APK v3.3.13 (All DLC)

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Android 7.0 and up
Version 3.3.13
2 GB
Android 7.0 and up
Version 3.3.13
2 GB

Dead Cells APK is a roguelike-Metroidvania action platformer where players fight through ever-changing levels, and combat challenging enemies.

App Name Dead Cells
Publisher Playdigious
MOD Info All DLC
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MOD Info
  • All DLC

Dead Cells is a fast, fun game where you play a hero who can't die for good. It mixes non-stop action and exploration with random-level designs. You fight monsters, find new weapons, die a lot, and try again. Each time you play, the levels change.

Five Key Features

The mix of Genres:

Dead Cells is both a roguelike and Metroidvania game. It means that the levels change every time you play, keeping things fresh and exciting. It has the deep exploration typical in Metroidvania games, so there's always something new to find.

Tough but Fair Combat:

This game asks you to learn from every fight. Each monster has its style, and bosses are unique fights that will test your skills. You get various weapons like swords, bows, and magical items. By trying different weapons, you find many ways to win.

Progress Your Way:

Dead Cells lets you choose your path through the game. If a level is too hard, you might find another way around next time you play. This freedom makes you want to try again and again, even if you fail.

Grow Stronger Over Time:

Even though you start over when you die, you get stronger for the next run. Finding special items means you can start with better gear next time. This makes the tough challenge of Dead Cells feel a bit easier as you keep playing.

Never the Same Game Twice:

The game's design means no two runs are the same. Levels rearrange themselves, and you find new weapons and like-new bad guys to fight. This keeps the game surprising and fun, even after lots of plays.

Best Tips for Dead Cells

Learn From Your Losses:

Every time a monster defeats you in Dead Cells, it's a chance to learn how to do better. Try to remember their moves, so you're ready for the next fight.

Change Up Your Weapons:

Dead Cells has lots of different weapons to try. Some are quick, some are strong, and some let you fight from a safe distance. Try them all to see what works best for you.

Take Your Time:

Rushing through the game can get you in trouble. Take a moment to see what's ahead, and plan your attack. This way, you might find secret treasures or avoid a tough fight.

Invest in Your Future:

The game lets you keep some of your progress for your next try. When you get special items called "cells", use them to unlock gear that will stay with you even after you lose.

Stay on the Move:

In Dead Cells, staying still is a quick way to get hit. Use your dodge move to stay safe and find the perfect time to strike back.

Pros and Cons


Gorgeous Graphics: Dead Cells features beautiful pixel art that brings its gothic fantasy world to life. Each monster, hero, and landscape is made with care, and it shows.

Deep Variety of Weaponry and Gear: With many weapons, items, and power-ups to discover, there's a style of play for everyone. Players get to experiment and find their favorite tools for slaying monsters.

Refreshing Replayability: Thanks to the game-changing every time you play (we call this procedural generation), each run through Dead Cells feels new. This keeps the game exciting, so it doesn't get boring after you've played a lot.

Dynamic Combat: Combat is thrilling, with many moves to learn. It's important to watch for patterns and dodge dangers. This makes fights feel like dances where every step counts.

Player Choice: The game offers different ways to go through levels, which lets players experiment with their paths for a customized experience.


Short Core Campaign: The main part of the game doesn't take long times to finish. While replaying is fun, some might want a longer story to follow.

Tricky Controls: It can take some time to feel natural with the game's controls. Jumping and attacking just right might be hard for new players.

Alternatives for Dead Cells

Hollow Knight: A game much like Dead Cells with a big world to explore and tough battles to win.

Rogue Legacy: Each time you play, your hero changes in new ways, which adds a fun twist to a game similar to Dead Cells.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Dead Cells Hard?

Yes, but it's made to be fair. You get better as you learn the game's secrets.

2. Can I play Dead Cells on my phone?

Yes, Dead Cells can be played on phones and tablets too.

3. Does Dead Cells have an ending?

While there is an end to reach, Dead Cells is made to be played many times with different experiences each run.

4. Is there multiplayer in Dead Cells?

No, Dead Cells is just for one player.

5. Are the downloads from safe?

Yes, but always make sure you are on the real site.

6. What to do if Dead Cells doesn't work?

Make sure your device meets the game's needs, and check that you’ve got the latest version. If there's still trouble, reach out for help to the support team.


Dead Cells is an always-changing game that mixes patterns to learn with fast action. It gives many ways to play and new challenges each time. While it might not have a long main game or easy controls from the start, it stays exciting with gorgeous graphics and loads of items to try.

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