Dragon Ball Z Sagas APK vv5.16.2 (OBB, Full Game, Latest Version)

Dragon Ball Z Sagas APK vv5.16.2 (OBB, Full Game, Latest Version)

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Android 5.1 and up
Version v5.16.2
188 MB
Android 5.1 and up
Version v5.16.2
188 MB

Dragon Ball Z Sagas APK is a game offering a unique blend of action-puzzle gameplay with dynamic battles, strategic Dokkan Mode, and stunning 2D animations.

App Name Dragon Ball Z Sagas
Publisher CyberConnect2 Co. Ltd.
MOD Info OBB, Full Game, Latest Version
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MOD Info
  • OBB
  • Full Game
  • Latest Version

If you're a Dragon Ball anime enthusiast, the Dragon Ball Z Sagas APK is your ticket to an immersive gaming experience. Step into the sector of your favored characters and unleash their power on your Android device.

Overview of the Game

Dragon Ball Z Sagas APK is not just a game; it's a journey into the heart of the Dragon Ball universe. Designed for Android customers, it encapsulates the essence of the collection, imparting a unique and tasty gameplay experience.

Dragon Ball Z Sagas APK

The Attractive Features of the Dragon Ball Z Sagas para Android

Dynamic Action-Puzzle Gameplay

Dragon Ball Z Sagas APK brings a fresh perspective to the action-puzzle genre, offering players a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. The combination of action and puzzle elements adds a layer of strategy to battles, making every encounter a thrilling challenge. Unlike traditional fighting games, where the perspective is often static, Dragon Ball Z Sagas APK puts you in control with a unique approach that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Dokkan Mode: Unleash Your Ultimate Power

One of the standout functions is the Dokkan Mode, a recreation-converting mechanic that permits gamers to complete off combatants in fashion. By tapping and linking Ki Spheres together, you enter Dokkan Mode, a state where your character's power is unleashed to its fullest. This strategic detail provides a tactical measurement to battles, requiring gamers to carefully plan and execute their movements to dominate the battlefield. It's no longer pretty much-defeating fighters; it is about doing so with flair.

Freedom in Gameplay Speed and Tactics

Dragon Ball Z Sagas APK Download for Android lets you dictate the pace of the game. Play at your speed, considering your fight tactics and strategizing your moves. This freedom adds a personalized touch to the gaming revel, catering to players who opt for a more methodical and calculated approach. Whether you're a pro gamer or a newcomer to the Dragon Ball universe, this option ensures that the sport accommodates your selected style of play.

Descargar Dragon Ball Z para Android

Super Attacks with Ki Spheres

Equipping yourself with enough Ki Spheres is crucial for performing Super Attacks, mirroring the iconic moves from the Dragon Ball anime. From Goku's legendary Kamehameha strike to Vegeta's powerful Final Flash, all your favorite moments are seamlessly integrated into the game. The satisfaction of executing these Super Attacks adds an immersive layer, making you feel like an integral part of the Dragon Ball universe.

Breathtaking 2D Drawings and Animations

The visual appeal of Juego de Dragon Ball Z Sagas para Android APK is nothing short of breathtaking. The 2D drawings and animations bring the characters to existence in lovely detail, staying true to the iconic art style of Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball. Each frame is a work of artwork, capturing the essence of the anime collection. Whether you're accomplishing epic battles or exploring familiar locations, the visuals contribute to an immersive revel in a good way to depart you awestruck.

Dragon Ball Z Sagas para Android

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Dragon Ball Z Sagas APK Obb


  • Visually stunning graphics reminiscent of the anime.
  • Engaging and strategic gameplay.
  • Diverse character roster and summoning mechanics.
  • Freedom in squad arrangement and character swapping.
  • A compelling storyline with new and classic characters.


  • Potential complexity for new players.
  • In-app purchases may be necessary for optimal progression.
  • Limited tutorials may require self-exploration.

Download and Install

  1. Visit Trustedmod.com.
  2. Search for "Dragon Ball Z Sagas APK."
  3. Click on the Descargar Dragon Ball Z para Android link.
  4. Enable installation from unknown sources in your Android settings.
  5. Install the APK and enjoy the game.

Dragon Ball Z Sagas APK Download for Android


Dragon Ball Z Sagas APK isn't just a game; it's a portal to the Dragon Ball universe on your Android device. With its captivating features and strategic gameplay, it's a need-to-strive for any Dragon Ball fan. Embark on this adventure, summon your favorite characters, and relive iconic moments.


  • Fresh Perspective on Action-Puzzle Gameplay: Experience a unique blend of action and puzzle elements, adding a strategic dimension to battles.
  • Dokkan Mode for Stylish Finishes: Unleash your ultimate power by entering Dokkan Mode, achieved by tapping and linking Ki Spheres together.
  • Customizable Gameplay Speed and Tactics: Play at your own pace, allowing for strategic considerations and a personalized gaming experience.
  • Super Attacks Fueled by Ki Spheres: Equip enough Ki Spheres to perform Super Attacks, featuring iconic moves from the Dragon Ball anime.
  • Breathtaking 2D Drawings and Animations: Immerse yourself in stunning visuals with faithful 2D drawings and animations, capturing the essence of the original art style.
  • Diverse Characters from DBZ to DBS: Summon and collect a wide range of characters, spanning from Dragon Ball Z to Dragon Ball Super, each with unique abilities.
  • Open-World Exploration and Side Quests: Explore the vast Dragon Ball universe with an open-world experience, engaging in side quests for additional depth.
  • Cinematic Storytelling with Character Progression: Enjoy a narrative presented in a cinematic style, complemented by beautifully animated cutscenes, and progress your characters through levels.
  • Intuitive Design and User-Friendly Controls: Navigate the game effortlessly with an intuitive user interface and responsive controls, ensuring accessibility for all players.
  • Stellar Audio Design and Original Voice Actors: Immerse yourself in the Dragon Ball universe with a stellar soundtrack featuring iconic tracks and top-notch voice acting by original English and Japanese voice actors.
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