DYSMANTLE APK v1.2.1.16 (for Android)

DYSMANTLE APK v1.2.1.16 (for Android)

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Android 5.0 and up
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Android 5.0 and up
482 MB

DYSMANTLE APK is an open-world action role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic environment, where players break down objects.

Publisher 10tons Ltd
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DYSMANTLE is a post-apocalyptic survival game. In this game, you are the last human on an island full of monsters. Your goal is to tear down objects, make tools, fight creatures, and solve puzzles. You must try to live, build a place to stay, and discover island secrets.

Five Key Features

Destroying Objects for Materials:

In DYSMANTLE, you can break almost everything you see. Use tools to tear down walls, furniture, and more. These broken pieces give you materials. With these, you can make tools and buildings. It makes you feel powerful to turn the old world into useful items.

Battling Monsters:

The game has many scary creatures. Some are small, some big, and some are very powerful. You must choose to fight or to run. If you fight, you should use the weapons you crafted. Winning battles gives you control over new areas. These fights can be hard but also very fun.

Building and Crafting:

Safe spots are important in DYSMANTLE. Make an outpost to stay safe from monsters. Here, you can make tools, clothes, and special items. Plant food to stay healthy and have the energy to fight. Crafting is creative and helps you survive better.

Exploring and Puzzles:

The island in DYSMANTLE is big and full of secrets. You can walk around forests, towns, and under the ground. There are puzzles everywhere. Some are easy, some are very hard. Solving them can teach you about the story of the island and give you special treasures.

Upgrading Your Character:

You don't just survive in DYSMANTLE; you also get stronger. Cooking different recipes can make you healthier or faster. You can also find new skills that help you fight or craft. It's very satisfying to get these upgrades and become a hero.

Best Tips for DYSMANTLE

When you start, focus on making a safe place. Gather wood and stone and build walls. A good safe place helps you a lot.

Look everywhere for materials. You can find useful things in all corners of the island. It's easier to survive when you have a lot of stuff.

Don't fight every monster you see. Some are too strong at first. Wait until you have better weapons or more practice.

Make a map in your head or on paper. Remember where you find materials and monsters. This helps you plan and save time.

Try every recipe you find. Food can make you much stronger. It's easy to forget, but it's a big help.

Remember these tips when you play. They will make your game easier and more fun. DYSMANTLE can be hard sometimes, but with good strategies, you can do very well.

Pros and Cons


Freedom to Explore: DYSMANTLE offers a vast open world, full of secrets and tasks. This freedom is exciting for players who enjoy discovering new areas and lore within the game.

Crafting and Upgrading System: The game's in-depth crafting and upgrading system allows for a lot of customization. Players can build tools, and weapons, and even improve their own abilities, which adds a layer of strategy to survive.

Engaging Survival Mechanics: The game brilliantly balances various survival mechanics like hunger, combat, and shelter. These elements keep the gameplay engaging and challenging.

Destructive Environment: Almost every object in the game can be broken down for materials. This interactive aspect of the game environment encourages experimentation and feels rewarding.

Tight and Responsive Controls: The controls in DYSMANTLE are intuitive and reactive, making the gameplay experience smooth and enjoyable, whether you're farming, fighting, or exploring.


Repetitive Gameplay: Breaking down objects and constant crafting can become repetitive over time. Players looking for a diverse range of activities might find this aspect monotonous.

Lack of Multiplayer: As a single-player game, DYSMANTLE lacks the opportunity for players to interact, cooperate, or compete with friends, which can be a downside for those who prefer multiplayer games.

Occasionally Frustrating Difficulty Spikes: There are moments in the game where you may encounter a sudden increase in difficulty, which can be frustrating if you're not well-prepared with the right equipment.

Limited Tutorial: For new players, the game can be overwhelming since it doesn't guide you thoroughly through all of its mechanics, which can result in a steep learning curve.

Alternatives for DYSMANTLE

Terraria: A survival game with crafting and an open world, like DYSMANTLE, but with a 2D side-scrolling perspective.

Don’t Starve: A challenging survival game with a unique art style and more emphasis on survival elements.

Minecraft: Offers creative freedom in crafting and building. It’s much more focused on exploration and creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is DYSMANTLE suitable for all ages?

The game includes fighting and survival, which might not be suitable for very young players.

2. Can I play DYSMANTLE offline?

Yes, DYSMANTLE can be played offline.

3. Does DYSMANTLE have an ending?

Yes, there is an overarching story and mysteries to uncover that lead to an ending.

4. How long does it take to beat the game?

It varies widely depending on play style, but it often takes tens of hours to complete everything.

5. Are there different difficulty levels?

The game does not have set difficulty levels, but the challenge naturally increases as you progress.

6. Can I customize my character?

While you can't alter the character's appearance, you can customize their skills and equipment.


In conclusion, DYSMANTLE delivers an engaging post-apocalyptic survival experience filled with crafting, combat, and exploration. Its strengths lie in the interactive world and the freedom it provides, though it may not suit those looking for varied gameplay or multiplayer features.

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