ES File Explorer Pro APK v4. (for Android)

ES File Explorer Pro APK v4. (for Android)

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Android 5.1 and up
53 MB
Android 5.1 and up
53 MB

 ES File Explorer Pro APK is a premium version of ES File Explorer, an Android file management application that offers extended features.

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Publisher ES Global
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ES File Explorer Pro is a tool for managing files on your phone. It helps you organize and find your stuff easily. It's like a super toolbox for your phone's files and folders.

Five Key Features.

One cool thing ES File Explorer Pro can do is clean up annoying ads. No more pop-ups when you're trying to get stuff done. It also lets you change colors and stuff, making your files look neat.

Next, with ES File Explorer Pro, finding your pictures, music, and videos is easy. You can grab stuff from different places like SD cards or other storage, like USB. It's smart and shows thumbnails, like little pictures, so you know what's what without opening files.

The file handling is pretty great, like using a computer. You can do things like bookmark, make new folders, move stuff around, rename files, and a bunch more. If you have lots of files or photos, you can share them or send them fast. Connecting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is no problem, and you can work with files on your computer or other phones.

If you use cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox, it's super handy. ES File Explorer Pro lets you manage all that cloud stuff in one place. And if you're feeling like a tech wizard, there's even a way to peek at your phone's really deep-down system files.

Lastly, this app is not just for files. It also helps you manage your phone's apps. You can back them up, make everything neat and tidy, or throw out the ones you don't use. Plus, ES File Explorer Pro has tools to help save space and keep your phone from being sluggish.

Best Tips for ES File Explorer Pro.

First off, tidy up your home screen! You don’t need all those icons messing up the place. ES File Explorer Pro has a feature that helps you make shortcuts, so you can launch stuff quickly without clutter.

Another tip, always back up your apps. Yup, the ones you really like – you don't want to lose them! ES File Explorer Pro can back up these apps, so if something goes wrong, you're all good.

Save space on your phone by getting rid of junk. ES File Explorer Pro comes with a cool widget to clean caches and close apps that you are not using. Your phone will thank you by running smother.

Also, regularly check up on your SD card with ES File Explorer to keep an eye on what's taking up space. You might find some old stuff you don't need anymore, and chucking it means more space for new stuff. 

Lastly, have a look around in that super-secret Root Explorer. If you know a bit about phones, this can make your phone do even more cool stuff. But, be careful – this is the super control room of your phone!

Pros and Cons.

Okay, the good stuff about ES File Explorer Pro – it's like a magic key for your phone. You can peek at files from far away, work with lots of cloud storage like Google Drive, check your SD card health, and even more stuff like cleaning junk and playing with root access if you're into that.

However, it's not perfect. Some folks might scratch their heads with the interface; it's got a lot going on! Unfortunately, ES File Explorer Pro hasn't had new updates in a while, so some parts might feel a bit old-fashioned. Also, if you want all the fancy tools to work, like that handy auto-start-up cleaner, you need the Task Manager module thingy.

Alternatives for ES File Explorer Pro.

If ES File Explorer Pro isn't your cup of tea or you just wanna try something else, there are other apps that can help. Look for apps like Solid Explorer or FX File Explorer, which are pretty good for playing files and folders Sherlock too.

Frequently Asked Questions.

"Does ES File Explorer Pro work on every phone?" Almost! If your phone runs Android, you're golden.

"How to find lost files?" No worries, use the search magnifying thing to hunt them down. ES File Explorer Pro is super good at this.

"Is sharing files easy?" Easy as pie! You can send stuff to your friends or to your other gadgets with a few taps.


So, there we have it. ES File Explorer Pro is quite snazzy if you crave some serious control over your phone's files. It's got its quirks, but the cool features are really worth a thumbs-up.

Free Download ES File Explorer Pro APK Latest Version for Android

Hey, wanna make your phone life a breeze? Hit up and grab ES File Explorer Pro. This is the place trusted for real-deal downloads. Go on, give your phone the love of organization!

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You are now ready to download ES File Explorer Pro for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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