Gacha Nebula Mod APK v1.0 (Old Version)

Gacha Nebula Mod APK v1.0 (Old Version)

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Android 5.1 and up
Version 1.0
35 MB
Android 5.1 and up
Version 1.0
35 MB

Gacha Nebula Mod APK is a free Gacha Club mod that provides new costumes, poses, and backgrounds, enhancing creativity, continuously updated.

App Name Gacha Nebula
Publisher sk plus inc
MOD Info Old Version
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MOD Info
  • Old Version

Gacha Nebula is a mod for the Gacha Club app. It lets Gacha Club fans get new things like clothes, accessories, and poses to make their own characters. Even though it's still new and not fully ready yet, it aims to give Gacha Club a fresh look by adding more style options for players.

Five Key Features.

New Accessories and Outfits

In Gacha Nebula, players get lots of new clothes and accessories. You can find trendy jackets, cool jeans, and cute bracelets. These items give you more ways to dress up your characters, making them look different from others.

Updated Poses

Unlike other mods, Gacha Nebula brings in a new pose. This pose is special because it's based on a sitting position which makes your characters look like they’re relaxing. It's a new touch that helps make stories and scenes more real.

Hairstyles and Customization

This mod also has new hairstyles. Be it short cuts or long hair, you can find a style that fits your character. There's also a chance to customize your characters more, down to the eyebrows and neck shadow, so they look just how you want them to.

Extra Backgrounds

Backgrounds can set the scene for any story. Gacha Nebula introduces more options here too. Whether it's a city scene or a peaceful park, these new backgrounds can help bring your character's story to life.

Free to Play with Future Updates

Though it's in a demo phase with limited features now, Gacha Nebula is free to get. There's a promise that more updates with extra content will come out later, making the app more fun to play as time goes on.

Best Tips for Gacha Nebula.

When playing Gacha Nebula, here are some tips to get the best experience:

Mix and Match

With so many new items, don't be afraid to try different combinations of clothes and accessories. This is the best way to create a unique character that stands out.

Plan Your Scenes

With the extra backgrounds and poses, you can design more detailed scenes. Think of your character's story and choose the best setting and pose to tell it.

Save Often

Since Gacha Nebula is still being worked on, it's smart to save your progress. This way, you won’t lose your designs if the app closes or if there's a bug.

Keep an Eye Out for Updates

As more updates come out, you'll get even more features. So, be sure to look for the latest version of Gacha Nebula to enjoy all the new stuff.

Have Fun

Most importantly, have fun with it! Gacha Nebula is a mod for making cool characters and stories, so let your creativity fly.

Pros and Cons.


Creativity Boost: Gacha Nebula enhances creativity by offering new items and customization options. This allows players to delve deeper into character creation, providing a more fulfilling creative process.

Freshness to Game: The mod adds fresh content to Gacha Club, which can make the game feel new for players who want more from the original app.

New Poses: The seated pose is unique to Gacha Nebula, which provides a novel aspect to character portrayal, setting it apart from what is available in the base game.

Cost: It is free to play, making it accessible for everyone without needing to spend any money. This is great for those on a tight budget who still seek more variety.

Ongoing Updates: Because Gacha Nebula is still in development, players can look forward to more exciting updates, keeping the experience engaging over time.


Not Fully Developed: As the mod is relatively new, with more content pending through updates, it might be incomplete, and players might encounter missing features or bugs.

Ad Heavy: From what's known, transitioning between screens requires viewing multiple ads, which can be annoying and time-consuming for players.

Risk of Downloads: As it's a third-party modification not available on official stores, there could be a risk associated with downloading and installing such an app.

Limited Support: Since it’s not an official release, finding help or support for any issues might be more difficult compared to the main Gacha Club game.

Fragmentation: Occasional updates from unofficial sources might lead to different players having different versions, potentially leading to confusion and compatibility issues within the community.

Alternatives for Gacha Nebula.

If Gacha Nebula doesn't match all needs or preferences, there are other options out there. Players can try Gacha Life, Gachaverse, and other Gacha-themed games. These all have character creation and are officially supported, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Can I download Gacha Nebula for free?

Yes, Gacha Nebula is free to download, but remember it's still being worked on.

2. Is it safe to use Gacha Nebula?

As with any third-party mod, safety can't be guaranteed 100%. Always download from trusted websites and make sure your device has good security measures.

3. Will Gacha Nebula work on my device?

The mod requires Android 4.4 or higher, so check your device's system before downloading.

4. How often are new updates released?

There's no set schedule for updates as it’s managed by independent developers, so it can vary.

5. Are there tutorials on how to use the new features?

Currently, as the mod is developing, comprehensive tutorials may not be available, but exploring the app and experimenting yourself can be fun too.


With its many new features and the promise of future updates, Gacha Nebula could be a nice addition for fans of Gacha Club seeking to expand their creative limits. However, as a mod in progress, some patience is required before its full potential is realized.

Free Download Gacha Nebula Mod APK Free Download Latest Version for Android

Ready to take your Gacha Club adventures to the next level? Visit to download Gacha Nebula safely. It’s a source you can trust for this exciting mod. Remember to stay updated with the latest versions to enjoy every new feature as soon as it's released. Download today and start creating!

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