Gogoanime APK v10.5 (No Ads)

Gogoanime APK v10.5 (No Ads)

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Android 5.1 and up
Version 10.5
8 MB
Android 5.1 and up
Version 10.5
8 MB

Gogoanime APK is a website where people can watch anime for free. It has lots of anime shows and movies that you can stream online.

App Name Gogoanime
Publisher REDev
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Gogoanime is an app for watching anime on your phone. Anime is a style of cartoon from Japan. You can watch lots of different anime shows for free with this app.

Five Key Features.

The first great thing about Gogoanime is that it has many shows to watch. You can find old anime you love and new ones to enjoy. There’s something for everyone - whether you like action, romance, or something else.

Another cool thing is that Gogoanime looks really good. The pictures and colors are very nice. If you have a good phone or tablet, you can watch shows in very high quality, up to 1080p. This makes anime look just like it should - clear and pretty.

The third feature is that you can change the subtitles. Some people like reading in big letters, while others want small. Maybe you like yellow words, or you want white. With Gogoanime, you can pick what’s best for you.

Then, there’s the account feature. If you sign up, you can get shows that you will like. You write your Facebook or phone number and then get ideas for anime to watch. If you want to find new anime easily, this is very helpful.

Last, you can download shows to watch later. If you're going somewhere with no internet, you can still enjoy anime. Just pick the shows you like, download them inside the app, and watch them anytime you want.

Best Tips for Gogoanime.

To have the best time on Gogoanime, start by making an account. It tells the app what you like. So, the app can show you more shows like the ones you already love. It's easy and makes everything more fun.

Another good idea is to set up your subtitles. Maybe you don’t like the default settings. It’s okay! Look around in the settings and change the subtitles to what you like. Choose the color, size, and more until it’s perfect for you.

Next, try watching shows in higher quality. If your internet is fast enough and your phone is good, choose the best quality in the selection before watching. But if it’s hard to watch because it keeps stopping, choose a lower quality.

If you can’t watch it right now, remember you can download it. Find the download button next to the anime episode you want to watch, and then you can watch it anytime, even without the internet.

Lastly, check for new episodes. Gogoanime adds new shows and episodes a lot, so always look for what’s new. You might find your next favorite anime this way!

Pros and Cons.

The Gogoanime app lets you watch anime with many good points but some bad points too. 


Watch many anime shows for no money.

The shows are with good color and clear.

Change how you see the words when people talk. Make them big or small or yellow or white.

Make an account to get shows you might like.

Save episodes to watch when you're not on the internet.


Sometimes the app doesn’t work right. It might shut down or not show a video.

Not every anime might be there. Some new shows take time to show up.

If the internet is not quick, videos might stop and start a lot.

The app could use your internet a lot, and if you have a limit it might be a problem.

Some places in the world might not let you use the app because of different rules.

Alternatives for Gogoanime.

If Gogoanime doesn't work for you, try these:

Crunchyroll: Lots of anime, some right after Japan shows them.

Funimation: Good for English voices on anime.

Netflix: Now has many anime, too.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Is Gogoanime free?

Yes, you can watch without paying.

Q: Can I use Gogoanime on my computer?

Gogoanime is mainly for phones but can work on some computer browsers.

Q: Is it safe?

Yes, but only download it from trusted places.

Q: Do new anime go on the app fast?

Pretty quick, but not always the next day it shows in Japan.

Q: What if the show I want isn’t there?

Check the app soon. They put new ones up often.


Gogoanime is a nice way to see a lot of different anime. Good parts like downloading to watch later and making the subtitles how you want. If the bad points are not a deal-breaker, it’s a good app to try.

Free Download Gogoanime APK (No Ads) Latest Version for Android

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