Haikyuu Fly High Game Mobile Game v1.1.51 (Free Android Mobile Game, Latest Version)

Haikyuu Fly High Game Mobile Game v1.1.51 (Free Android Mobile Game, Latest Version)

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Android 5.1 and up
Version 1.1.51
102 MB
Android 5.1 and up
Version 1.1.51
102 MB

Haikyuu Fly High Game is an engaging mobile card game where players create and manage their dream volleyball teams from Haikyu anime.

App Name Haikyuu Fly High Game
Publisher Fly High Game
MOD Info Free Android Mobile Game, Latest Version
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  • Free Android Mobile Game
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Are you ready to spike your way to victory in the adrenaline-pumping world of Haikyuu Fly High Game? This sports card game was developed by KLab with an official license from the Haikyu!! production committee, promises to bring the spirit of Haikyu!! to your fingertips. Let's discover the characteristics and capabilities of the sport a good way to trap each fanatic and new gamers to provide it a strive.

Haikyuu Fly High Game

Overview of Haikyuu Fly High Game

Haikyuu Fly High Card Game Announced is not just a game; it's an immersive experience for Android and iOS users. You can create the volleyball group of your goals and use distinctive procedures to win on the laptop-generated court. This recreation gives an unequaled opportunity to relive Shoyo Hinata's passionate adventure and that of different top-notch characters. It consists of well-known characters from the Haikyu anime. Because of its special recognition of guidance and collection, the endeavor gives an interesting sports activities sports card pastime.

The Attractive Features of Haikyuu Fly High APK

Create Your Dream Team

One of the standout features of Haikyuu Fly High APK For Android is the ability to create your dream volleyball team. The sport lets you individually select your team individuals and set up them in innovative formations not visible inside the unique series, and it capabilities well-known characters from the Haikyu anime. Customization makes the sport more accurate and uniquely yours by letting you gather a team that suits your possibilities and fashion.

Chibi Characters on the Court

Prepare for an adorable twist in the game with the inclusion of chibi characters on the court. Engaging in these chibi renditions of your beloved Haikyu characters provides an amusing and endearing touch to the conventional volleyball in shape. The characters are not just cute; they are fully voiced, allowing players to immerse themselves in the passionate youth volleyball story with authentic voices from the anime. It's a special fusion of realism and splendor that makes the whole gaming revel in higher.

Haikyuu Fly High Game Download

Varied Gameplay Modes

Haikyuu Fly High APK Latest version doesn't just stick to one formula; it offers a plethora of gameplay modes to keep players hooked. From a compelling story mode that lets you experience the Haikyu!! world in-depth, to intense player versus player (PvP) battles that test your skills against real opponents, and thrilling tournaments that provide a competitive edge – the game has it all. Because of the variety, there is constantly a fresh assignment waiting, suiting more than a few playstyles and tastes.

Pre-registration Rewards

For those eager to secure their spot on the virtual volleyball court, Haikyuu Fly High Game offers exclusive pre-registration rewards. By enrolling early, gamers can advantage of get right of entry to to perks that decorate their leisure revel. These rewards must come in the shape of precise characters, in-recreation sweets, or improvements that come up with an advantage over other gamers. This properly thought-out technique rewards early adopters and increases expectations, escalating the exhilaration all through the pre-launch section.

Original Illustrations

Step into the world of Haikyu!! with original illustrations that provide a realistic depiction of characters during gameplay. These drawings are more than genuinely eye-sweet; they visually stunningly convey the character's existence and seize the spirit of the anime.  The attention to detail in the illustrations adds a level of immersion, making every match and interaction with your team feel like a scene straight out of the Haikyu!! anime.

Haikyuu Fly High APK

Advantages and Disadvantages of Haikyu Fly High Game


  • Engaging Gameplay Modes: From story mode to PvP battles, the game offers diverse and engaging modes.
  • In-depth Team Customization: The ability to create unique team formations provides a personalized gaming experience.
  • Delightful Chibi Character Design: Playing as chibi characters adds a charming and visually appealing element.
  • Fully Voiced Characters: Immersive gameplay with authentic voices from the anime's main characters.
  • Exclusive Pre-registration Rewards: Early registrants enjoy special incentives, enhancing the overall gaming experience.


  • Limited Information on International Release: The lack of information on the international release may leave non-Japanese players uncertain.
  • Dependency on Familiarity with Haikyu!! Anime: Those unfamiliar with the anime may find certain aspects of the game less accessible.
  • Potential for In-app Purchases: While not inherently a disadvantage, the game may include in-app purchases, impacting the overall gaming experience for some users.

Haikyuu Fly High Game Download and Install

For a trustworthy download, head to Trustedmod.com. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit Trustedmod.com: Access the site through your browser.
  2. Search for Haikyuu Fly High Game: Use the search bar to find the game.
  3. Download the APK: Click on the download button to get the APK file.
  4. Install on Your Device: Follow the installation instructions to enjoy the game.

Haikyu Fly High Game


An exciting fusion of strategic gameplay, charming modes, and the loved characters from the Haikyu anime can be located in Haikyuu Fly High Game. This sport offers a thrilling enjoyment that fully blends volleyball and kids, no matter your degree of ability. So why hold off? Join the action, build your dream team, and spike your way to victory on the virtual court!


  • Dream Team Creation: Build your dream volleyball team with popular Haikyu!! characters.
  • Chibi Characters: Play as charming chibi characters, fully voiced for an immersive experience.
  • Varied Gameplay Modes: Explore story mode, PvP battles, and tournaments for diverse challenges.
  • Pre-registration Rewards: Early registrants enjoy exclusive rewards for an enhanced gaming journey.
  • Original Illustrations: Experience realistic depictions of characters with original illustrations.
  • Strategic Collection and Training: Prioritize collection and training for a strategic edge in matches.
  • Engaging Gameplay Modes: Immerse yourself in diverse and exciting gameplay modes.
  • In-depth Team Customization: Customize your team with unique formations for a personalized touch.
  • Delightful Chibi Character Design: Enjoy the charming design of chibi characters on the court.
  • Fully Voiced Characters: Immerse yourself in the story with authentic voices from the anime's main characters.
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