Jump Assemble APK v0.87.0 (Beta Test, MOBA Game)

Jump Assemble APK v0.87.0 (Beta Test, MOBA Game)

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Android 5.1 and up
Version 0.87.0
675 MB
Android 5.1 and up
Version 0.87.0
675 MB

Jump Assemble APK is a dynamic 5v5 MOBA game, that unites iconic manga characters for strategic battles in diverse modes, creating a nostalgic and immersive experience.

App Name Jump Assemble
Publisher Program Twenty Three
MOD Info Beta Test, MOBA Game
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MOD Info
  • Beta Test
  • MOBA Game

Jump Assemble APK is a 5v5 MOBA game, that unites iconic manga characters for intense battles. It offers a huge Shonen Jump world, a cast of fantastic characters, authentic manga settings, and a variety of gameplay modes in a nostalgic and strategic gaming experience that blends traditional MOBA gameplay.

Jump Assemble APK

Overview of Jump Assemble APK

Welcome to the pixelated pandemonium that is Jump Assemble! If you've ever fantasized about Naruto throwing a Rasengan while Goku charges a Kamehameha and Luffy prepares to launch his Gum-Gum Rocket, your dreams are about to come true. For fans of manga, this 5v5 MOBA game is a nostalgic journey through a wealth of Shueisha's well-known "Weekly Shonen Jump" IPs.

In this game, boundaries blur, and stars from beloved mangas unite. Picture teaming up with Naruto with Tanjiro or creating a dynamic duo with Goku and Jujutsu Kaisen’s Yuji. Every battle is a unique experience full of surprises because of the surprising and exciting combination of comic heroes.

Attractive Features of Jump Assemble Game

Stellar Shonen Jump Stars

It brings together an impressive roster of legendary characters from Shonen Jump. Players may choose their heroes and form surprising team-ups, bringing an interesting element of strategy to the action, from the formidable Naruto to the formidable Goku. It's a stellar squad of Shonen Jump stars like never before.

Classic Jump Realm

It goes beyond character selection, immersing players in the authentic worlds of their favorite mangas. The meticulous design recreates the essence of each IP, from the vast seas of “One Piece” to the bustling ninja villages of “Naruto.” With the brand-new JUMP World, you don’t just play the game; you live in it, exploring iconic landscapes and battling in familiar settings.

Power of Signature Moves

Jump Assemble Moba doesn't just let you control your favorite characters; it brings their signature moves to life. Imagine executing Goku's "Kamehameha" or Luffy's "Gum-Gum Rocket" in strategic combinations with teammates. The result? Spectacular dream moves that not only dazzle your opponents but also add a strategic layer to the gameplay.

Manga Mayhem in MOBA

For fans of 5v5 MOBA gameplay, this game offers an exceptional experience. The classic MOBA format seamlessly blends with the world of Shonen Jump, creating a competitive atmosphere where players can choose their manga champion, assemble a team, and engage in fierce battles. It's manga mayhem in the world of MOBA.

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Gamemode Galore

Jump Assemble Beta Test isn't confined to traditional 5v5 battles. The game introduces a variety of exciting game modes, adding spice to the gaming experience. Whether you fancy 3v3v3 Dragon Ball battles or prefer the intensity of a 5v5 ranked team battle, the options are diverse. It's a game mode galore, catering to different preferences and playstyles.

Diverse and Intense Gameplay

Download Jump Assemble stands out for its perfect blend of strategy and real-time action. With a 5 vs 5 format, players are constantly challenged to adapt and coordinate with their teammates. Every game is a novel, demanding, and thrilling experience that makes every minute matter.

Stunning Graphics

With exquisite attention to detail, the game vividly renders anime characters and arenas. It feels as though every action and interaction is authentic to the original anime. Fans of Shonen Jump will be treated to a visual feast as animated characters come to life.

Live Sound

Jump Assemble doesn't just rely on visuals; it elevates the gaming experience with immersive sound design. The game's sound effects provide a dramatic and captivating auditory experience, ranging from the sound of weapons colliding to the characters' well-known catchphrases.

Jump Assemble APK Download

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jump Assemble Moba APK


  • Stellar Character Lineup: It shines with a roster of iconic manga characters, allowing unexpected and thrilling team-ups, and enhancing the strategic depth of the game.
  • Authentic Manga Worlds: Meticulous design brings beloved manga worlds to life, from the seas of “One Piece” to ninja villages in “Naruto,” offering a nostalgic journey for fans.
  • Seamless MOBA Integration: The game seamlessly merges classic MOBA gameplay with the rich Shonen Jump universe, delivering a competitive 5v5 experience with manga champions.


  • Potential Learning Curve: New players might find the game initially complex due to the diverse characters, moves, and game modes, requiring a bit of time to grasp.
  • Limited Device Compatibility: It may not be compatible with all devices, limiting accessibility. Before starting playing the game, make sure all the conditions are met.
  • In-app purchases: While optional, in-app purchases can enhance gameplay. For a more tailored and entertaining experience, some gamers might think they're essential.

Instructions for Jump Assemble APK Download from Trustedmod.com

  1. Visit Trustedmod.com.
  2. Search for "Jump Assemble APK".
  3. Navigate to the game's article.
  4. Scroll down and click "Download Now."
  5. Follow on-screen instructions for a swift download.

Jump Assemble Moba APK


Jump Assemble APK emerges as a thrilling fusion of nostalgia and strategy, uniting iconic manga characters in a 5v5 MOBA adventure. It offers a competitive and engaging gameplay experience with a great cast of characters, real manga environments, and a variety of game styles. The pixelated mayhem of Shonen Jump is open for gamers to explore, whether they're traversing nostalgic landscapes or using distinctive skills in tactical confrontations. Dive into this vibrant multi-dimensional world, break the fourth wall, and embark on a journey where strategy meets action in the captivating realm of Shonen Jump. Stay tuned to our website to get the fastest information about Jump Assemble Release Date and download, let the manga chaos begin!

Things Readers Need To Know

  • Multi-Dimensional Gameplay: Explore different dimensions, diversifying your gaming experience.
  • Customizable Characters: Change character appearances for unique strategies and adaptability.
  • Time Manipulation: Rewind and fast-forward time dynamically during gameplay.
  • Dynamic Music: Engaging soundtrack heightening the overall experience.
  • Special Summoning: Summon characters from various dimensions, expanding your roster.
  • Character Relationships: Explore unique bonds between characters for added depth.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Immerse in a creative game world breaking traditional boundaries.
  • Diverse Environments: Navigate beautiful landscapes and challenging terrains for strategic play.
  • Varied Game Modes: Enjoy diverse modes beyond MOBA matches, adding variety.
  • Top-Quality Visuals: Experience clear, vibrant visuals with high-definition image quality.
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