Kingdom Two Crowns APK v1.1.20 (for Android)

Kingdom Two Crowns APK v1.1.20 (for Android)

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Android 6.0 and up
Version 1.1.20
1.5 GB
Android 6.0 and up
Version 1.1.20
1.5 GB

Kingdom Two Crowns is a side-scrolling strategy game where players, as monarchs, build, and expand.

App Name Kingdom Two Crowns
Publisher Raw Fury
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Kingdom Two Crowns is a strategy game where you act as a king or queen to build your kingdom, find helpers, and protect your realm from greedy creatures. It has beautiful art, and many secrets, and you can play with a friend or on your own.

Five Key Features

Cooperative Play:

This game is not just for one; you can play with a friend. Sit next to them or play on your tablet, you work together to build your kingdom. It is more fun when you share the work and the adventure.

Campaign Mode:

In the game, there is a long story to finish. You need to make your kingdom strong and last a long time. Find ways to beat the greedy creatures and make these lands yours. Find new things in your kingdom to keep it fresh and interesting.

Different Lands:

Kingdom Two Crowns doesn't stay the same. You can go to land with a spooky feel or a place like old Japan. There is a new Viking place too, with new challenges and strong helpers from Norse stories.

Build and Grow Your Kingdom:

In the game, you need to make houses for your people, have farms, and find money. You start with a small camp and build it into a big kingdom. Connect with different spots in your land to get all your people and animals.

Defend Against Greed:

Some bad creatures called the Greed want to take your money and crown. Fight them away with your knights and archers. Play smart to save your land every night.

Best Tips for Kingdom Two Crowns

Recruit Wisely:

Start by bringing people to your kingdom. Look for wandering camps to invite them in. You need people to make your kingdom work.

Find the Right Balance:

Spend coins to build but save some too. You have to be careful not to run out of money when you need it. Build walls, hire heroes, and always keep some money in case the Greed attacks.

Invest In Archers:

Archers will get you more coins by hunting and are good to protect your kingdom from the Greed. Make sure you have enough of them.

Explore for Secrets:

Ride your horse out into the world. There are secrets hidden everywhere, which can help your kingdom grow faster and stronger.

Work Together:

If you play with a friend, it’s good to plan who does what. Maybe one can handle the money, and the other build and explore. Working together makes things easier.

Pros and Cons


Beautiful Pixel Art: The game looks great. It has a simple style, but every part is well-made and adds to the game's feel.

Addictive Strategy Elements: You need to plan in the game and every decision counts. It can be exciting to figure out the best way to build and protect your land.

Engaging Gameplay: The game changes every time you play. You need to master different parts like building, exploring, and fighting. It doesn't get boring because there's always something new.

Co-op Makes it Better: Playing with a friend brings a new level of fun. You can share the work and rewards and enjoy running the kingdom together.

Expansions Keep it Fresh: The game has new lands you can buy that add to the story. New creatures, heroes, and lands mean there's lots to do even after you play for a while.


Can Be Slow: Sometimes, you wait a lot for your kingdom to grow, especially in the beginning.

A Little Tough for Beginners: It's not always clear how to play the game right. If you're new, you might need to try a few times to understand.

Alternatives for Kingdom Two Crowns

Frostpunk: A strategy game where you need to keep a city alive in freezing weather.

Stardew Valley: While not about fighting enemies, this game also lets you build and take care of your own piece of land. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I play Kingdom Two Crowns solo?

Yes, you can play by yourself or with a friend.

2. Is Kingdom Two Crowns easy to play?

The controls are easy, but planning your kingdom needs you to think a lot.

3. Are there different places to see in the game?

Yes, you can play in a spooky land, as a shogun, or a Viking, and each one is different.

The game restarts, but you keep some knowledge to help in your next play.

5. Does the game have a real end?

You need to defeat the Greed for good, but the way to do this can be long and tricky.


Kingdom Two Crowns is a charming game with a lot of depth hidden behind simple controls and beautiful graphics. You run a kingdom, face enemies, and discover secrets, which stays fun play after play.

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