Lite Messenger APK v338. (Dark Mode)

Lite Messenger APK v338. (Dark Mode)

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Android 5.1 and up
Version 338.
14 MB
Android 5.1 and up
Version 338.
14 MB

Lite Messenger APK is a simplified version of Facebook Messenger designed to use less storage and data.

App Name Lite Messenger
Publisher Meta Platforms, Inc.
MOD Info Dark Mode
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MOD Info
  • Dark Mode

Lite Messenger is like a smaller, lighter version of normal Messenger. It's from Facebook and lets you chat without using much space. It works well on old phones and doesn't need strong internet.

Five Key Features.

One cool thing about Lite Messenger is how tiny it is—only about 10 megabytes! This means it's quick to download and won't fill up your phone's memory. With Lite Messenger, you can still chat one-on-one, talk in groups, send pictures, watch videos, and share stickers, just like with regular Messenger.

You can talk with friends anytime with Lite Messenger. It sends you alerts when friends message you. You feel your phone vibrate or see your screen light up. It's just like talking in person because you can reply quickly.

Even though Lite Messenger is small, it's got almost everything the bigger Messenger has. You can see when friends are online or if they've read your message. It even lets you send voice messages when you don't feel like typing.

Since Lite Messenger is from Facebook, it's safe to use. Off-brand messengers can be risky, but this one is official. You can trust it to chat and share without worrying about privacy. And it's free to download, which is great for saving money.

One big plus is that Lite Messenger doesn't eat up data or battery life. Lots of apps make your phone slow and your battery drain fast, but not this one! It's perfect for places with slow internet or if you have a phone that's not the latest model.

Best Tips for Lite Messenger.

If you're using Lite Messenger, keep your app updated. New versions usually work better and have neat new things. Check the Play Store for updates so you don't miss out.

To save battery, you can turn off notifications when you're sleeping or busy. In the app settings, you can set do-not-disturb times. Don't worry; you won't miss any chats—they'll be waiting when you get back.

Create shortcuts to your closest friends on your home screen. Just tap on their name in your chat list and select 'Create shortcut.' This way, chatting with them is super easy and fast, just one tap away.

Back up your chats if you ever need to switch phones. Go to your account settings in the app, and look for the option to save your chats. This keeps your memories safe even if you move to a new phone.

Finally, customize your chats with different colors and nicknames for friends. It makes your conversations more fun and helps you recognize chats quicker. Just tap the 'i' icon in any chat and start making it yours!

Pro and Cons.

Lite Messenger has good parts and not-so-good parts. Let's look at both.


It's small, so it doesn't take up much space on your phone.

Uses little data, so it's cheap to run and works well even with a bad internet connection.

Sends you updates when friends message, which helps you reply fast.

Works on old and new Android phones, so almost everyone can use it.

It’s free and safe to get from the Play Store.


It doesn't have all the fancy bits like the full Messenger. Some games and extras are missing.

The look isn't as fancy as the bigger Messenger. It’s simpler and not as shiny.

If your friends send stuff from the full Messenger, like some kinds of stickers or effects, you might not see them in Lite.

No video calls in Lite, which is a big miss if you love seeing friends' faces when you chat.

Alternatives for Lite Messenger.

Some people might want other apps like Lite Messenger. WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype are other chat apps you could try. They let you send messages and talk just like Messenger.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I use Lite Messenger without a Facebook account?

Yes, you can. You just need your phone number to start.

How do I know if my friends use Lite Messenger?

If they're on Facebook, you can text them with Lite. It doesn't matter if they use Lite or full Messenger.

What happens to my messages if I switch from Lite to full Messenger?

Don't worry, your chats will still be there. They're saved to your Facebook, not the app.

Can I use Lite Messenger on my iPhone?

Nope, it's only for Android phones. iPhone users have other options.

Can I play games on Lite Messenger?

No games in Lite, sorry. Lite is all about talking and saving space and data.


Lite Messenger is a light, handy app that lets you chat easily without filling up your phone. It's great if you have a less powerful phone or slow internet.

Free Download Lite Messenger APK (Dark Mode) Latest Version for Android

Need a simple way to talk to friends? Download Lite Messenger. Go to They're safe and have lots of other cool apps too!

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  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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