Nulls Royale APK v6.0 (for Android)

Nulls Royale APK v6.0 (for Android)

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Android 5.0 and up
Version 6.0
343 MB
Android 5.0 and up
Version 6.0
343 MB

Nulls Royale APK is a modified private server version of the mobile game Clash Royale with unlimited resources and unique features.

App Name Nulls royale ultimate
Publisher Tamaramoodystore
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Nulls Royale is a special private server for the game Clash Royale. It lets you play with lots of gems, cards, and cool things for free. It's not the usual game but a changed version where you can have more fun with fast battles online.

Five Key Features.

Unlimited Gems:

Right from the start, players get a lot of gems, like 10 million of them! You can use these to unlock stuff in the game without having to wait. It helps because in the normal game, players might need to wait or even spend real money to get gems.

Free Gift Store:

The gift store is like a magic shop where you can take anything without using your money. It offers chests, bags, and coins which are usually not free. You can claim these goodies whenever you want and build a stronger team.

Weekly Events and New Cards:

The game never gets old because every week there's a new event with fresh cards to play with. You get to see cards that others don't have, making your game unique and more enjoyable. And there’s something called 'modified cards,' which are cards that have been changed to give you an edge in battles.

Clan System and Servers:

You can be part of a clan and feel like you are part of a group of friends. Nulls Royale has its own servers, so everything works smoothly, and being in a clan is better because it lets you work with others during clan events.

Different Game Modes:

There are lots of ways to play like PvP, which is player against player, or 2v2 where you team up with a friend. They've also got other fun modes like party or friendly games where you can relax and play without worrying about losing trophies.

Best Tips for Nulls Royale.

Spend Gems Wisely:

Even though you have many gems, use them smartly. Always think about how each thing will help you in the long run before spending your gems on it.

Try New Cards:

Since you have access to so many new and modified cards, test them out! Find which cards work best for you and make your own powerful deck.

Participate in Events:

New events happen every week which are not only fun but also give you great rewards. Don't miss out on them, as they often have special cards that can help you win more games.

Be Active in Your Clan:

Joining a clan is a must because it makes the game better. Help your clan mates, join in wars, and collect rewards together. It’s a good way to share and receive help.

Learn the Game Modes:

There are various ways to play, and each one is different. So, learn how each mode works. This will help you to do well no matter which way you choose to play.

Pros and Cons.


Lots of Gems - You won't run out because you start with a huge number.

Free Shop Items - Get chests and other game parts without spending your own cash.

Events and Updates - There's always something new going on every week.

Big Card Collection - Over 100 different kinds of cards to try and pick from.

Play Your Way - From friendly games to serious battles, you can pick what you want to play.


Not Official - It's a separate version and not from the original game makers.

No Support - If there's a problem, you can't ask the official game people for help.

Fair Play - Some might think it's not right to have everything unlocked so easy.

Updates - It might not get the same updates at the same time as the original game.

Safety - There could be safety issues because it's not from the real game people.

Alternatives for Nulls Royale.

If you're not sure about Nulls Royale, there are other options. You could stick to the normal Clash Royale or try other private servers like Master Royale or Clash of Lights. Always ensure they are safe to use.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is Nulls Royale?

It's a special private version of Clash Royale with lots of free stuff and games.

2. Is it safe?

Because it's not from the official game makers, there can be some risks. Only download from a place you trust.

3. Can I play with friends?

Yes, you can make friends, start a clan, and play together in the game.

4. Will my game get updates?

Yes, but they may be different or come at different times compared to the official one. 

5. Can I switch from Nulls Royale to the official game?

Yes, but they are separate. Your things from Nulls Royale won't move over to the official game.


Nulls Royale offers an exciting mix of things like lots of free items and cool game stuff to make your playtime super fun.

Free Download Nulls Royale APK Latest Version for Android

If you're all set to take on this loaded-up way to play, grab Nulls Royale at They're trusted and safe, so you can get right to having tons of fun.

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