Otxo Mobile APK v1.3.2 (Full Version)

Otxo Mobile APK v1.3.2 (Full Version)

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Android 5.1 and up
Version 1.3.2
100 MB
Android 5.1 and up
Version 1.3.2
100 MB

Otxo Mobile APK is a challenging Android game with a unique old-movie aesthetic, intense action, and a constantly changing gameplay experience.

App Name Otxo Mobile
Publisher Otxo
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Otxo Mobile is a mobile game that mixes the shoot-and-fight style with surprise. Every time you play, the game is different. It looks old and dark like old mystery movies.

Five Key Features

Room Mix-Up: The game changes each time. You get over 150 room kinds. It's like a new game with every play.

Dark Old Movie Look: Otxo looks like old dark films. It’s black, white, and full of mystery. This style sets the mood and makes you feel like you're in a different world.

Strong Fight Action: The game keeps you busy. Bad guys come at you non-stop. To do well, you need good thinking and quick moves.

Violent and Bloody: Warning, this game has lots of shoot and blood. It is made for grown-ups and adds a strong feel to the play.

Tools and Power-Ups: When you play, you find new things to help you. These make you stronger and let you change your play style.

Best Tips for Otxo Mobile

  • Know your Rooms: Each room is unique. Learn what is in each room type to plan your path.

  • Move and Shoot: Always be moving. Standing still is not good and makes it easy for foes to hit you.

  • Try new Tools: Don’t use just one tool. Try new ones to find out what works best for each situation.

  • Be Patient: The game can be hard. Don't rush into rooms. Look at what you’re going into and think of a plan.

  • Plan for Foes: Look ahead and think about what you'll face. This way, you won’t be taken by surprise when foes show up.

Pros and Cons


  • Always Fresh: With so many ways the rooms can be, no two games feel the same. This keeps the game exciting every time you play.

  • Dark Film Feeling: The black and white style brings a cool, old-time mystery feel. It makes the game stand out visually.

  • Challenges: The game is never easy. It always gets you to think fast and keeps you on your toes with different bad guys.

  • Made for Adults: The strong fights and the look make it clear it’s for grown-ups. This feels honest and strong for the right audience.

  • Improving Fun: Finding new tools and growing stronger as you play is enjoyable. It lets you get better over time.


  • Not for Kids: Because of the blood and fight, it’s not good for children. It’s meant for older players only.

  • Same Look: All black and white can get old after a while. Some may want more color.

  • Hard Learning: Some may find it too hard at the start. It takes time to get used to how to play.

  • Can Be Frustrating: As the game is tough, it might make some players feel bad when they lose a lot.

  • Big Phone Need: The game might not run well on old or small phones. It needs a good phone to play smoothly.

Alternatives for Otxo Mobile

If Otxo doesn't fit you, other games are like it. Try "Soul Knight" for a fun fight game or "Dead Cells" for a mix of action and surprise like Otxo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can kids play Otxo Mobile?

Not really. The game is for grown-ups due to its strong fight scenes.

Is it free?

The basic game might be free, but watch out for things inside the game you could buy.

Does it need the internet?

Otxo usually doesn't need the internet. You can play it anywhere.

Will it work on my phone?

It should, but check if your phone meets the game’s needs to be sure.

How to get good at Otxo Mobile?

Play a lot, try new tools, move smartly, and learn from every game.


Otxo Mobile is a cool mix of action and surprise. Its old-movie look and grown-up style make it stand apart. It's tough but fun and stays fresh each play. It's a good pick for those who like a challenge and don't mind strong fights.

Free Download Otxo Mobile APK (Full Version, Diverse Weapons, No Registration) Latest Version for Android

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