Papers Please APK v1.4.12 (for Android)

Papers Please APK v1.4.12 (for Android)

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Android 5.0 and up
Version 1.4.12
40 MB
Android 5.0 and up
Version 1.4.12
40 MB

Papers Please APK is a game where you act as a border control officer, deciding who gets to enter your country based on their documents.

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Papers Please is a computer game where you check passports and papers at a border. It's set in a place like old Soviet countries, and you decide who can enter.

Five Key Features

Play as an Inspector:

In Papers Please, you are the border inspector. You look at people's papers to check if they're okay. You check for lies or wrong dates.

Make Hard Choices:

When checking papers, not all stories are simple. Some people may beg or offer you money to let them pass. It's tough to decide right from wrong.

Keep Family Safe:

You earn money to care for your family. If you make mistakes, you lose money and your family might not have food or medicine, which means you often worry.

Follow Changing Rules:

As days pass in the game, new rules come. You may have to use new machines or look for certain bad people, making your job harder.

Stories and Secrets:

The people you meet have their stories. Some might be part of a bigger mystery. You uncover secrets and decide if you'll join groups or stay alone.

Best Tips for Papers Please

Be Fast and Right:

Check papers quickly, but don't make mistakes. If you go slow or make errors, it can hurt your family because you get less money.

Remember the Rules:

Rules change, so always look at the daily updates. Knowing the rules stops mistakes.

Care for Family:

Watch your money for food, heat, and medicine. It helps your family stay okay, which changes how you play.

Use Tools Wisely:

You get tools to check fingerprints or search people. Learn when and how to use them for the best results.

Watch for Tricks:

Some people might look right but check if maybe they're lying or their papers have small problems. Don't let them fool you.

Pros and Cons


  • Unique Experience: Not many games let you play as a border guard where every choice matters. This fresh idea makes Papers Please special.
  • Makes You Think: It's not just a game; it's a test of your morals. You'll often stop to think about what's good or bad.
  • Stories That Pull You In With many paths, you can see different endings and get attached to the characters you meet.
  • Tension and Challenge: Your job gets harder each day, with new rules or scary spies, which keeps the game exciting.


  • Simple Pictures and Sounds: The game looks and feels old school, which might not appeal to some players looking for flashy graphics.
  • Can Be Stressful: You need to be very careful and quick, which might make some players feel too anxious.

Alternatives for Papers Please

If Papers Please isn't what you're looking for, other games like "This War of Mine" or "Beholder" might be interesting. You also make tough choices but in different worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can kids play Papers Please?

A: Because of the tough themes, it's better for grown-ups or teens, not young kids.

Q: Is the game long?

A: Not too long. Most can finish in a few sittings, but you can play many times because of the different choices.

Q: Does Papers Please have many endings?

A: Yes, your choices change the story, so you can find many different endings.

Q: Do you need a good computer to play?

A: No, even older computers can run Papers Please because it's simple and not too big.

Q: Can you fail in Papers Please?

A: Yes, if you make big mistakes, you can lose. But you can start again and try another way.


Papers Please is a game that makes you face tough questions and tests if you can do a hard job under pressure. It offers not just puzzles but a deep story that keeps drawing you back.

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