PictureThis App APK v3.70 (Premium)

PictureThis App APK v3.70 (Premium)

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Android 9 and up
Version 3.70
105 MB
Android 9 and up
Version 3.70
105 MB

PictureThis App is a handy tool that helps you identify plants with a photo and gives tips on how to care for th

App Name PictureThis - Plant Identifier
Publisher Glority Global Group Ltd.
MOD Info Premium
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PictureThis App is like a smart friend who knows all about plants. You show it a plant picture, and it tells you all about it. It helps people know more about green things, how to make them happy, and what to do if they look sick.

Five Key Features

Smart Plant Spotting 

With a quick photo, PictureThis can say what kind of plant you see with super spot-on guesses—like guessing right 98 times out of 100! It knows so, so many plants—more than you could count on if you tried. Imagine meeting any plant and being able to say, "Hey there! Your name is…".

Make Sick Plants Better 

Got a plant that's not feeling so hot? Click its picture, and the app will tell you what's wrong pronto. No more guessing games with your leafy friends. It's like having a doctor just for plants who knows all the fixes to help them bounce back.

Looking After Your Plant

Not sure when to water or if your plant’s hungry? PictureThis helps you know just that with nice words to tell you what your plant needs. You also get reminders, so you don't forget. Plants get the right care, and you feel like the best plant parent.

Talk to a Real Green-Thumb Person 

Sometimes you need to talk to someone who gets plants. In PictureThis, you can chat with experts any time, so if you've got tons of plant worries, they'll have your back and give you all the nuggets of plant wisdom you could want.

Keeping Danger Away

Some plants are not good for pets or little ones. PictureThis will shout out a warning for the bad ones, so everyone’s safe and sound. 

Best Tips for PictureThis App

Bright Pictures

Take your pictures in good light. Your plant will show its best self, and the app's smart thinking brain can guess it fast and right.


Make sure the picture isn't too wild with colors or too fuzzy. An honest picture means the app can help you better without getting confused.

When to Snap?

Just before you water or feed your plant is the best time to take a picture for its health check. That way, the app knows what’s up before you switch anything.

Set Reminders 

It's smart to use the reminders in the app. Watering your plants or feeding them will never slip your mind. And that means less worry for you.

Keep It Safe

If you have puppies, kittens, or small kiddos playing around, double-check if the pretty flower or cool leaf you brought home is safe. The app will tell you if it's not friend-friendly.

Pros and Cons


Super Sure of What? What It Sees: It's amazing at telling you the name of that plant, hitting the nail on the head almost every time.

Helps the Unwell Plants: If plants are droopy or spotty, PictureThis jumps right in, saying, "Here's why," and, "Let's make it better."

Tips That Talk: The tips feel like someone's right there, saying, "Hey, don't forget to water me!" or, "I’m hungry, feed me!" Your plants end up happy and healthy.

A Friend to Chat With: Questions about green things? You get answers from people who know lots and lots about plants, all day or night.

Safety First: Keep your fur babies and human babies out of harm's way by pointing out the no-no plants.


Needs Your Device’s Eye: You must have a good camera on your phone or tablet to make the app work its best—a crummy camera leaves you both guessing.

Wants the Light Just Right: If it’s too dark or glare-y, PictureThis might scratch its head and not know the plant.

Patience, Please!: Once in a while, it may take a bit to give the answer, so you might have to wait a second.

Happy Plants, Empty Wallets: The best stuff in the app isn't free, which might make your wallet a bit sad.

Alternatives for PictureThis App

Other apps out there like PlantSnap, iNaturalist, and Garden Answers also say "hello" to plants and are like buddies helping you grow your green thumb.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got to pay?: Yes, the super good stuff in PictureThis isn't free, but you can try it without cash to start.

Caring for plants – got hints?: For sure, the app tells you what your plant needs and when, not just its name.

Plants on my phone can grow too?: You have a plant list in the app, so you know your leafy pals inside out. It grows as your garden does.

Safe for Rocky and Mittens?: The app gives warnings if a plant can hurt your pets, keeping tails wagging and purrs coming.

Can I yack away with plant whizzes?: Chat away when you need advice—you've got plant pros at your fingertips, any hour.


PictureThis App is pretty nifty, packed with features for green-thumb dreams. Spot plants, heal the hurting ones, get smart tips, and chat with pros—all to make your plants and you super chuffed.

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