Procreate for Android APK v1 (Full Version)

Procreate for Android APK v1 (Full Version)

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Android 5.1 and up
Version 1
24 MB
Android 5.1 and up
Version 1
24 MB

Procreate is a digital art app for creating drawings and paintings on iPad or iPhone, featuring lots of brushes, and tools.

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Procreate is a fun app for drawing and painting on phones and tablets. You use your finger or a stylus to make art. It's like a digital art studio with lots of cool brushes and tools. It's for anyone who likes to make art or pictures.

Five Key Features.

One of the big things about Procreate is its brushes. There are so many! You can pick different styles and make your own by changing them. This is great for artists who want special looks for their pictures.

Another cool thing is layers. Just like papers stacked on each another, they let you draw or paint different parts on different levels. You can play with showing and hiding things, so making complex pictures is easier.

Procreate also has a neat trick called QuickShape. When you draw a shape not quite right, QuickShape makes it perfect. This is super helpful when you want to make neat shapes without stress.

Gesture control is another handy feature. You can tap or swipe with fingers to do things like undo, redo, or zoom in and out of your work. This makes it quick to fix mistakes or see different parts of your picture close up.

The time-lapse recording in Procreate is like a magic camera. It records while you draw or paint so later, you can see step by step how you made your art. It’s fun to watch and share with friends or online.

Best Tips for Procreate.

To make the most of Procreate, here are some tips. First, use layers smartly. They help you try new stuff without ruining what you've already done. You can also mix layers to blend or add cool effects.

Having a favorite set of brushes is good. But remember, sometimes trying a new brush can surprise you with a cool new style. Don’t be scared to explore.

Undo and redo with taps is super fast. Make ita habit. Mistakes can disappear quickly, so feel free to try things out.

Remember to use QuickShape for easy perfect circles, squares, and lines. It’s a game changer for doing neat work.

Finally, the time-lapse trick is not just for fun. You can use it to review and get better. Watching how you draw or paint can teach you a lot about how to improve.

Remember, the best way to get better is to keep using Procreate and having fun with it. The more you play and experiment, the more cool things you'll discover and create.

Pros and Cons.

So, what's good and what's not so good about Procreate? On the plus side, Procreate is super easy to use. Its tools and menu are simple to understand, so you can start making your pictures quickly. Lots of brushes mean you can make all kinds of art, from drawing simple doodles to painting very pretty pictures.

The layers make it easy to fix mistakes and try new ideas, so you don't need to worry when you're having fun. And being able to undo things with a quick tap is really nice!

Procreate doesn't have everything, though. It's missing some tricky photo-stuff like making little changes to each part of your picture. There are no lines and shapes that stay perfect when you make them bigger or smaller (like in computer work). Also, you can't twist and turn the layers all kinds of different ways.

But if you love drawing and want to make cool stuff, these little things might not bother you too much.

Alternatives for Procreate.

If Procreate isn’t what you need, try other apps like SketchBook, ArtFlow, or ibis Paint X. They all let you make art too. They've got different things to play with, so you might find one that fits what you like.

Frequently Asked Questions.

People often ask: Can Procreate be used by beginners? Sure! It's made for everyone. What if I make a mistake? No problem! Just tap with two fingers, and you can undo it. Will Procreate work on my phone? You will need to check if your phone matches the app’s needs.

Another question is: Is Procreate free? It costs a little money, but it’s not too much for all the fun tools you get. Can I share the art I make on Procreate? Yes, you can. Show off your pictures with others, and even show how you made them with the time-lapse recording!

Lastly, people ask: How many brushes are there? Lots! And you can even download more or make your own.


In short, Procreate is a super cool art app for anyone who enjoys taking pictures. It’s easy but also has lots of pros. A wonderful world of creative play waits in Procreate, with fun tools and brushes to discover.

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