Solar Smash Mod APK v2.2.6 (Mod Menu)

Solar Smash Mod APK v2.2.6 (Mod Menu)

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Android 5.1 and up
Version 2.2.6
128 MB
Android 5.1 and up
Version 2.2.6
128 MB

Solar Smash Mod APK is a space simulation game where you destroy planets using various cosmic weapons.

App Name Solar Smash
Publisher Paradyme Games
MOD Info Mod Menu
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MOD Info
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Solar Smash is a game where you break apart planets. You can use many cool space weapons to do this. It looks real and is fun to play.

Five Key Features

Many Weapons to Choose From

In Solar Smash, you have more than 50 fun space tools to use. Things like big lasers, space rocks, bombs, and even space dogs! You can use them to break planets in cool ways.

Two Ways to Play

You can play in two styles. "Planet Smash" is where you wreck planets and moons. The other style, "Solar System Smash," lets you play with stars and set how they move. You can bang planets together or make black holes!

It Shows Real Space Rules

The game shows gravity and space moves like real life. When you break planets or make them hit each other, it looks just like what would happen in space!

Make Your Own Universe

You're like the boss of space. You can make your own worlds or break them. It's fun to see what you can create or destroy.

Cool Destruction

The game lets you tear worlds apart and see big space blow-ups like stars going boom or black holes eating everything. It's very fun to watch all the chaos.

Best Tips for Solar Smash

Focus on Big Cities

To break a planet quickly, hit the bright spots where many people live.

Use Black Holes Smartly

They can swallow everything. So, think well about where you place them.

Try All Weapons

Each tool does different cool things. Try them all to see what they can do.

Plan Your Attacks

If you just hit everywhere, it may not break the planet fast. Think and plan where to hit for the best effect.

Change Planets

It's not only Earth. You can choose other planets too. Each one is different, so try them!

Pros and Cons


So Much to Do: You won't get bored because there are lots of different things you can try.

It Feels Real: The way space stuff moves and hits each other looks very close to real life.

Make Your Own World: Being able to create and shape your planets and stars is really fun.

Pretty to Look At: The game looks great, with nice colors and explosions.

It's Free to Play: You don't have to pay money to start playing.


Maybe Too Dark for Some: The game is all about breaking planets and that might not be fun for everyone.

Needs Strong Phones: If your phone isn't new or strong, the game might not work as smoothly.

Can Be Repetitive: After you've played a lot, doing the same things over might get boring.

Bright and Flashy: The game has lots of bright lights, which might be too much for some people’s eyes.

Alternatives for Solar Smash

If Solar Smash isn't what you want, you can try other similar games. "Universe Sandbox" and "Planetarium 3D” are two games where you can learn about space and break planets too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Solar Smash safe to play?

A: Yes! Just be careful if you get easily bothered by bright, flashing lights.

Q: Can I play Solar Smash on my PC?

A: It’s a game for phones, but you can use an emulator to play on a PC.

Q: Does Solar Smash need money after you download it?

A: It's free, but there might be extra things inside the game that you can buy if you want.

Q: Can kids play Solar Smash?

A: Sure, but as it's about destroying planets, it may not be right for very young kids.


Solar Smash is a really fun game if you like space and enjoy breaking things. It’s easy to start playing and you can do lots of cool, spacey stuff.

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