VLC Player APK v3.5.4 (Media Player)

VLC Player APK v3.5.4 (Media Player)

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Android 5.0 and up
Version 3.5.4
35 MB
Android Android 5.0 and up
Version 3.5.4
35 MB

LC Player APK is a free media player that plays most video and audio files and supports various codecs and streaming protocols.

App Name VLC for Android
Publisher Videolabs
MOD Info Media Player
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MOD Info
  • Media Player

VLC Player is a program that lets you watch videos and listen to music. It works on all kinds of computers and phones for free. You can play almost every type of video and song with it.

Five Key Features

Plays Many Kinds Of Videos And Music

No matter what kind of video or song you have, chances are VLC can play it. You don't need to find other software for different types. VLC has you covered with many formats like MP4, AVI and MP3.

Works With Subtitles

Watching a movie in a different language? No worries! VLC lets you use subtitles so you can understand the story. You can change how they look and where they go on the screen.

Customize The Look

If you don't like how VLC looks, you can change it! There are many "skins" - these are like outfits for VLC. Pick the one you like and it feels like a new player.

Play Broken Videos

Sometimes, videos don't download fully or they get damaged. VLC tries its best to fix and play these troublesome videos for you.

Control With Many Ways

You don't just use buttons in VLC. You can use the keyboard, or even your phone's web browser to make it play, stop and do more. It's like a remote control, but even cooler.

Best Tips for VLC Player

When using VLC, these tips can make your watching and listening even better:

Rotate Video - If a video looks tilted or upside down, VLC lets you turn it until it's right.

Listen To Online Radio - VLC has a list of internet radio stations. Just pick and enjoy music from all over the world.

Add Effects - You can change how the music sounds with effects. Make it soft, loud, or feel like a concert hall.

Use It On Your TV - VLC can work with your big TV if it's a smart one. Big picture and sound for your home!

Convert Files - VLC can change music or video types. So, if it doesn't work on your phone, VLC can help make it right.

Pros and Cons

Advantages of VLC Player

  • Free and Easy: VLC is totally free to use. Simple, right? No need to pay for watching movies or listening to songs.

  • Plays Everything: You can throw almost any video at it. Old stuff, new stuff, weird stuff – it just plays.

  • No Ads: Unlike many free apps, VLC won't bother you with ads. It respects your peace.

  • Very Flexible: You can adjust VLC like a toy to act just the way you want. Change colors, controls, and more.

  • Safe: VLC cares for your device's safety and health, it's built by people who really want to help.

Downsides of VLC Player

  • Plain Looks: Some folks find VLC not so pretty until you add a new "skin".

  • Complex Options: With so many choices, sometimes it's hard to know what button does what.

  • Heavy on Older Devices: On old phones or computers, VLC might run a bit slow.

Alternatives for VLC Player

Other than VLC, there's MX Player, KMPlayer, and GOM Player if you want something different. They also play videos and songs, but they each have their own cool parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can VLC hurt my computer?
No. VLC is safe. Watch and listen without worries.

Is VLC hard to learn?
It seems like it's got lots of buttons, but it's quite easy. Plus, you can ask someone to show you or look it up online.

Can I make videos louder in VLC?
Yes! VLC lets you pump up the volume higher than normal.

Does VLC work on iPhones?
Sure does. VLC is friends with all kinds of phones - Android, iPhone, and even others.

Can VLC help with homework?
Well, if you catch a video about your studies, VLC will play it–but you got to do the rest!


As you see, VLC Player is like a Swiss Army knife for videos and songs. It's full of useful parts without costing any cash. Cool, right?

Free Download VLC APK (Media Player) for Android/Smart TV

Hey, want VLC? Get it from Trustedmod.com. They're good folks offering the real thing – no tricks! Download VLC here and start the fun with your videos and music.

Download (35 MB)

You are now ready to download VLC Player for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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