Yuka App for Android APK v4.34 (Latest Version)

Yuka App for Android APK v4.34 (Latest Version)

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Android 6.0 and up
Version 4.34
77 MB
Android 6.0 and up
Version 4.34
77 MB

Yuka App for Android is a mobile application that scans food and beauty products, provides ratings on their health impact using a simple color code, and offers healthier alternatives.

App Name Yuka - Food & cosmetic scan
Publisher Yuka App
MOD Info Latest Version
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MOD Info
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Yuka App is an app to check food or things you use on your body. You use your phone to scan the bar code and it tells you if the thing is good or bad for your health. The app uses colors like red, orange, yellow, and green, so you can see right away if something is good (green) or bad (red). You get more info too, like why the thing is good or bad.

The five most outstanding characteristics

Scan and Get Info Fast:

Use a phone to check bar codes.

Learn if something is healthy fast.

Color code of red to green.

Many Products to Scan:

Know about more than 3 million foods.

More than 2 million beauty things.

Understand Why It's Good or Bad:

Find out about good things in foods.

Learn about bad things like additives.

Check if things are organic or not.

Get Better Choices:

Yuka gives better options if some food or beauty thing is bad.

Suggestions help buy better products.

No Influence from Brands:

No ads in the app.

App is free to say what is really good or bad.

Choices are not paid by any brand.

Best advice for users Yuka App.

Scan Before You Buy:

Use Yuka when shopping.

Scan things to know their health value.

Find Healthier Options:

Look for green-rated items.

If red, see Yuka's suggestions.

Watch for Updates:

Keep Yuka up to date.

Top info requires the newest app version.

Learn More About Ingredients:

Check out the info pages.

Understand what makes items good or bad.

Spread the Word:

Tell friends about Yuka.

Help others make healthy choices.

Advantages and disadvantages


Easy to Understand:

Simple color codes show health quality.

Quick to know if something is good (green) or not.

Educates You:

Teaches about food and body products.

Explains what's inside and why it's good or not.

Better Choices Offered:

Recommends healthier things if the scanned item is bad.

Huge Database:

Can check lots of foods and beauty items.

Independent and Trustworthy:

Not influenced by brands' money.

Truthful about product health value.


May Not Have Every Product:

Some new or less common items might not be there.

Requires Trust in App's Judgments:

Users must agree with how the app rates things.

Internet Needed:

Must be online to use the app.

May Influence Shopping Time:

Checking products might make shopping take longer.

Database Limits:

 New products take time to be added.

Alternatives to the Yuka App

Other apps similar to Yuka are "Fooducate" and "MyFitnessPal." They also help you understand food health but work a bit differently.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Can Yuka work offline?

Answer: No, Yuka needs the internet to scan and give info.

Question: Is Yuka free to use?

Answer: Yes, it's free and has no ads from brands.

Question: How often is the app updated?

Answer: Regularly, to add new products and info.

Question: Can Yuka suggest allergic-safe options?

Answer: Yuka gives healthy choices but might not consider allergies.


Using Yuka helps you choose healthy food and body stuff. It's easy to use while shopping, and you learn a lot. Green means go, red means stop, and check Yuka's suggestion for a better option.

Download the Yuka App at Trustedmod.com

Want to try the Yuka App? Go to Trustedmod.com for a safe and easy download. Keep an eye on your health with a quick scan and smart choices, all through this handy app. Download now!

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