FaceApp Mod APK v11.8.1.1 (Premium)

FaceApp Mod APK v11.8.1.1 (Premium)

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Android 8.0 and up
123 MB
Android 8.0 and up
123 MB

FaceApp Mod APK is a mobile application that allows you to edit and transform your photos with realistic filters, like aging yourself or changing your hairstyle.

App Name FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor
Publisher FaceApp Technology Ltd
MOD Info Premium
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FaceApp is a phone app that changes how your face looks in photos. You can look older, younger, or even like another gender. It's really fun and simple to use.

Five Key Features

Change Your Style

With FaceApp, you can play with different hairstyles and hair colors. It's super easy to see if you look good with a shortcut or with long hair. And if you've ever wondered about a new hair color, you can try colors like blonde or red in seconds.

Fix Your Face

Ever seen a zit on your face in a photo? Not cool. But this app can make it go away fast. It can also make your skin look smoother and your face shape can be changed to look thinner or wider. Plus, if you don't have a beard or want to see a different style, you just tap and it's there. Get Older or Younger

If you're curious about how you'll look when you're older, FaceApp can show you. Or, it can make you look like a kid again. This is super fun to see and to share with friends.

Makeup Magic

Not sure if makeup is your thing? No worries. With this app, you can put on makeup without really putting it on. This means you can play with all sorts of colors and styles without spending any money.

Light and Bright

Sometimes, the light in a photo can make or break the look. The app has special effects to make your face stand out. It can make the whole photo look warmer or cooler, and it feels like Instagram filters but cooler.

Best Tips for FaceApp.

Find the Best Light

Before you edit your selfie, take it in good light. Near a window is great. This makes a big difference when you start using the app.

Go Natural First

Try not to go too wild with the changes right away. If you keep things more natural, the photos look real and are more fun.

Compare Before and After

There's a button for this. Tap it to see the before and after. This helps you understand if the changes you made are good.

Don't Overdo It

If you change too much, it can look fake. So, try just one or two things at a time. Maybe just the hair change or the skin fix. Then, see if you like it.

Share with Friends

It's fun to do this alone. But it's also fun with friends. You can share the photos and have a good laugh together. This app lets you send your edited photos to friends easily.

Pros and Cons


So Many Choices: One great thing about FaceApp is how many options it has. You can change your look in many ways, which is fun to try out.

Easy to Use: You don't have to be good with tech stuff. The app is really simple to use. Just tap here and there, and you're set!

Very Real Looking: Many apps can change a photo, but often it looks fake. Not with FaceApp. Here the edits can look like the real thing. It's pretty cool.

Fun with Friends: Sharing your changes with friends makes for a good time. Everyone can enjoy seeing their different looks.

Helps with Decisions: If you're thinking about a real-life change, like a new haircut, you can use FaceApp to check it out first.


Privacy Worries: When you use FaceApp, it asks for your pictures. This makes some people worry about privacy. What happens to their photos?

Not All Free: The app has many things you can do without paying. But, if you want all the features, you need to buy the full version.

Can Be Addictive: Because it's so much fun, you might find yourself using it a lot. Maybe even too much.

Not for Every Picture: Sometimes you just want to keep a photo real. This app is for making changes, so it's not the best for just keeping memories.

Online Connection: To use most of the features, you need the internet. If you're offline, you can't do as much with the app.

Alternatives for FaceApp

If FaceApp is not what you want, there are other apps like Snapchat, Photoshop Express, or YouCam Makeup. These apps also let you play with your photos in different ways. Some are good for fun filters, and others for more serious changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is FaceApp free?

Yes and no. You can get FaceApp for free and use some of the features without paying. But if you want to use all the cool stuff, you need to buy the pro version.

Q2: Is it safe to use FaceApp?

Many people use FaceApp and have lots of fun with it. But, like with all apps, you should know that you need to share your photos. Think about if you're okay with that.

Q3: Can I really look old with FaceApp?

Yes, really! The app has a filter that can make you look older. It's one of the coolest things to try and see what you might look like in the future.

Q4: How do I get the best result when using FaceApp?

Take a photo where your face is clear and in good light. Then just play with the app. Remember not to change too much at once, so your picture still looks real.

Q5: Will my edited photos look fake?

If you use the app gently, the photos can look very real. The trick is not to overdo the changes. This way, only you know that it's not just another selfie!


FaceApp is a fun and simple way to give your selfies a fresh look. Whether you want to age yourself or try a new hair color, the app gives you lots of options in just a few taps.

Free Download FaceApp Mod APK (Premium) Latest Version for Android

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