Photoroom APK Mod v4.7.5 (Pro, Without Watermark)

Photoroom APK Mod v4.7.5 (Pro, Without Watermark)

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Android 9 and up
Version 4.7.5
133 MB
Android 9 and up
Version 4.7.5
133 MB

PhotoRoom APK Mod is a photo editing app for phones that deletes backgrounds and makes images look professional f

App Name PhotoRoom AI Photo Editor
Publisher PhotoRoom Background Editor App
MOD Info Pro, Without Watermark
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MOD Info
  • Pro
  • Without Watermark

PhotoRoom is an app for your phone. It helps you make good pictures in seconds. It cuts out people or objects from photos for you. You can make pictures for businesses or just for fun.

Five Key Features

Automatic Background Removal:

PhotoRoom has a cool tool. It can find people or things in your pictures and take them out of the ugly background. Then, you can put them on new backgrounds that look way better. This is great for when you want to sell things or just make the photo nicer.

Design with Templates:

This app has loads of designs you can use. These are called templates. They help you make cool images fast. You can use these for selling things, or just sharing on places like Instagram.

Easy Editing Tools:

PhotoRoom lets you play with your pictures. You can add text, change colors, and put fun stickers. It even lets you clean up little mistakes on the photo with something called "Magic Retouch".

Batch Editing for Business:

If you sell lots of things, PhotoRoom saves you time. You can change many pictures at once with the app. Pick a group of photos and make them all look nice together, really fast.

High-Quality Exports:

When you've made your photo perfect, you can save it. It will look very clear and sharp. If you have PhotoRoom Pro, you can make the pictures even more ‘high-res’ which means super clear even when they are big.

Best Tips for Photoroom

Use Good Light:

When you take a photo to edit, make sure there is lots of light. It makes the background remover work better and your photo will look nicer.

Try Different Backgrounds:

You've got lots of background options. Play around! Put a white one for a clean look, or a fun one to make your picture pop.

Use Templates:

Don’t know how to start? Use a template. It makes making pictures so much easier and you'll get cool ideas.

Play with Stickers:

Stickers are like little pictures you add to your photo. They can say things like "SALE" or just be cute. They make your photo fun to look at.

Clean-up Photos:

Got a spot or a wrinkle you don't like? Use Magic Retouch. It's like a magic eraser for small problems in your photo.

Pros and Cons


Easy to Use: PhotoRoom is very simple. It lets people with no photo skills make great images.

Saves Time: This app does things quickly. You can cut out backgrounds with just one tap.

Lots of Options: PhotoRoom has thousands of backgrounds and templates. You can make almost any kind of picture.

Great for Business: For people who sell stuff, this app helps make product photos look good.

Pro Features: If you get PhotoRoom Pro, you can do more, like making your pictures bigger and editing lots of photos at once.


Some Limits for Free: The free version puts a PhotoRoom logo on your photos. And you can't use all the fancy backgrounds.

Pro Costs Money: If you want all the best tools, you need to pay for PhotoRoom Pro. It costs each month or year.

Needs Good Light: For the best cutouts, you need photos with good light. If not, it might not work so well.

Alternatives for Photoroom

There are other apps like PhotoRoom. Some popular ones are Canva, Adobe Spark, and PicsArt. They let you do things like edit photos and make designs too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is PhotoRoom free?

Yes, you can download and use PhotoRoom for free. But if you want the best stuff like no logo and more tools, you choose the Pro version.

2. Can PhotoRoom be used on a computer?

No, PhotoRoom is made for phones. But you might find similar things on the computer that do the same jobs.

3. How does PhotoRoom help to sell products?

It makes product pictures look really good. With nicer photos, they can sell better because people like what they see.

4. Are PhotoRoom's Pro features worth it?

If you use it lots and really need no logo or high quality, Pro could be good for you.

5. How do I remove the PhotoRoom watermark?

You need to use PhotoRoom Pro to make pictures with no watermark.


PhotoRoom is a helper for making good pictures very easy. It's great for both work and fun. With it, anyone can get creative and not worry about needing pro skills.

Free Download Photoroom APK Mod (Without Watermark) Latest Version for Android

Want to try PhotoRoom? Grab it at It's a place you can trust to download. Get cool pictures made in no time! Go make your stuff look great now!

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