GB Whatsapp APK v1.0 (Pro)

GB Whatsapp APK v1.0 (Pro)

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Android 5.1 and up
Version 1.0
33 MB
Android 5.1 and up
Version 1.0
33 MB

GB WhatsApp APK is an unofficial modified version of the original WhatsApp with extra features like privacy controls, theme customizations, and the ability to send larger files.

App Name GB Whatsapp
Publisher Adarsh tiwari
MOD Info Pro
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GB WhatsApp is like your regular chat app but with lots of extras. It's not from the original WhatsApp creators but from folks who wanted to add cool stuff. You can do your normal texting, sharing, and emojis. But you also get new tools to control your privacy and change how it looks.

Five Key Features

Better Privacy Options:

GB WhatsApp helps keep your chats private. You can hide when you read messages with blue ticks or your 'last seen' status. No one needs to know when you check their texts or if you're on the app.

Custom Themes:

Are you bored looking at the same screen? GB WhatsApp lets you shake things up with custom themes! Change colors, fonts, and how your chats look. It's like giving your chat app a cool makeover.

Sending Bigger Files:

Nowadays, we share tons of photos and videos. Luckily, GB WhatsApp boosts the size limit. Send large clips to friends or family without cutting them up or using another app.

Multiple Accounts on One Phone:

If you've got two numbers, GB WhatsApp's neat. You can use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone - one personal, one for work, no mix-ups.

Lots of Emoji:

If you love using funny faces and symbols in your chats, GB WhatsApp gets you access to loads more emojis, making it a blast to express yourself just how you want.

Best Tips for GB WhatsApp

Backup Before Switching:

About to try GB WhatsApp? Make sure to back up all your chats from the regular app. This way, you won't lose any important messages.

Use the Built-in Lock:

Privacy is a big thing with GB WhatsApp. It has its own lock feature, so you can keep nosy people away from your chats without any extra apps.

Check What You're Sharing:

The app can send big files, but remember, the people you're chatting with will need room on their phones to download them. So sometimes, keep it small.

Theme Wisely:

Changing how your app looks is fun, but if you pick a theme that's hard to read or too flashy, it might get annoying. Choose something you'll like looking at every day.

Stay Under the Radar:

Don’t want everyone to know when you’re online or typing? Use GB WhatsApp's options to stay under the radar. It'll let you reply when you're ready, without the, "I know you saw my message" pressure.

Pros and Cons


More Ways to Stay Private: With GB WhatsApp, you've got new ways to keep your chatting to yourself. You can hide when you're reading messages and even sneak a look at texts without letting people know.

Make It Yours: Tired of boring chat screens? Change them up! Pick from loads of cool themes and colors so it feels more like your style.

Send Big Stuff: We all hate splitting up videos to send. With GB WhatsApp, you don't have to. Send big files, all at once - it's super handy.

Multi-Account Magic: Got two numbers? Use both on GB WhatsApp without any extra phones or hassles. It's like having two chat apps in one.

Emoji Paradise: Love emojis? You get way more with GB WhatsApp. Make chats funnier and more expressive than ever.


Not the Original: GB WhatsApp isn't made by the same folks as the regular one. It's third-party, so some worry it might not be as safe or might get you in trouble with the original app guys.

Update By Yourself: You won't get automatic updates like the normal WhatsApp. You'll need to update GB WhatsApp manually, which can be a pain and risk missing out on new stuff.

Possible Ban Risks: Since it's not official, there's always the slight risk of getting banned from the normal WhatsApp. That can be a big deal if you rely on it a lot.

Could Be Less Secure: GB WhatsApp might not have the same strong security as the one everyone knows. It could mean your chats are not that well-protected.

No Play Store Support: You can't grab GB WhatsApp from the Google Play Store. It's got to be downloaded from somewhere else, and sometimes that's not as safe.

Alternatives for GB WhatsApp

If GB WhatsApp’s not your thing, there are other apps like the real WhatsApp or even Telegram and Signal. These apps stick to official stuff and they're in regular app stores, so they're super easy to keep updated and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GB WhatsApp for real?

Yep, GB WhatsApp's the real deal for mods. Just remember, it's not the same guys who made the original.

2. How to get GB WhatsApp?

Find a website you trust, download the APK file, and then just tap it to install. No plays

3. Safe or not?

Kinda up in the air. It's not official, and the app stores don't check it. So maybe think twice if you’re all about security.

4. Suppose I get banned?

If they catch you on GB WhatsApp, the real WhatsApp might say bye-bye. It's rare, but it's happened to some folks.

5. Can I switch back to regular WhatsApp?

Sure thing! Just backup your chats, uninstall GB WhatsApp and then put the official one back on.


GB WhatsApp's got some tricks that'll make your chatting snazzier and give you more control. But with the cool stuff comes a little risk. It's all up in the air about being official and as safe as the app everyone has.

Free Download GB Whatsapp APK (Pro) Latest Version for Android

Want to give GB WhatsApp a spin? Go on and download it at We've checked it out, and it's a spot you can trust to get your GB WhatsApp without fuss.

Download (33 MB)

You are now ready to download GB Whatsapp for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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