LIMBO APK v1.20 (Full Version)

LIMBO APK v1.20 (Full Version)

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Android 4.4 and up
Version 1.20
106 MB
Android 4.4 and up
Version 1.20
106 MB

LIMBO APK is an adventure puzzle game on Android, where you play as a boy searching for his sister in a spooky, black-and-white world.

App Name LIMBO
Publisher Playdead
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LIMBO is a special kind of game for your Android phone. It's an adventure full of puzzles and a story that doesn't use words but shows you through actions and the world around you. It's a bit spooky and really makes you think.

Five Key Features of LIMBO

Engaging Storyline

​In this game, you play as a boy looking for his sister. The cool thing is, the story isn't told with words but through what you see and do in the game. This makes you feel really connected to the boy's journey. As you play, you feel the boy's fear and hope, making the game more than just fun – it's a story that stays in your heart.

Unique Look

​What's certainly neat approximately LIMBO is the way it appears – it's all in black and white! This makes the game experience a bit sad and scary, best for its mysterious tale. The shadows and mild play a big component in the sport, no longer just making it look cool but additionally helping you resolve puzzles and discover your way.

Puzzles That Make You Think

​This game is full of puzzles that make you use your brain. They're part of the world around you, so you feel like you're really there, figuring things out. Some puzzles are easy, and some are hard, but all of them are fun and make you think differently.

Sounds That Pull You In

​The sounds in LIMBO are just as important as how it looks. There's no music – just sounds like leaves rustling or distant thunder. These sounds make the game feel real and a little bit spooky. They're not just there for fun; they help you solve puzzles and avoid dangers.

A World That's Always Changing

​Lastly, the sector of LIMBO is always full of surprises. It's darkish and unusual, with lots of secrets to locate. This makes the game thrilling because you in no way know what's going to take place next. Every step you are taking suggests something new and interesting, making you want to keep playing and exploring.

Best Tips for Playing LIMBO

Look Around Carefully:

​In LIMBO, every little thing around you could be a clue. The game hides secrets and dangers in the world, so pay attention! Sometimes, the way to solve a puzzle or avoid a trap is hidden in small details.

Try Different Things:

​Don't worry in case you make mistakes. LIMBO is all about attempting and studying. If something does not paint, consider why and strive for something else. Every mistake is a danger to research something new.

Listen to the Game:

​Sound is super important in LIMBO. Listen to the noises around you – they can help you figure out puzzles or warn you about dangers you can't see.

Take Your Time:

​Rushing might make you miss important things or walk into traps. Slow down and look at everything. Being patient can help you find the answers you need.

Think Creatively:

​Sometimes, the puzzles in LIMBO need you to think in unusual ways. If you're stuck, try to see the problem from a different angle. The strangest idea might be the right one!

Pros and Cons of LIMBO


  • Unique Art Style: The black and white graphics are beautiful and really set the mood.

  • Engaging Puzzles: The puzzles are fun and fit perfectly into the game world.

  • Atmospheric Sound: The sounds make the game feel spooky and real.

  • Interesting Story: The story grabs you and makes you feel things.

  • Easy Controls: The controls are simple to use and work well.


  • Can Be Frustrating: Sometimes, trying and failing a lot can be annoying.

  • Short Game: Some people might wish the game was longer.

  • Indirect Storytelling: The way the story is told without words might not be for everyone.

Similar Games to LIMBO

If you like LIMBO, check out these games too:

  • Inside: Made by the same people, it's another puzzle game with a cool story.

  • Little Nightmares: It's spooky and has puzzles, with a bigger focus on the story.

  • Monument Valley: This one's not as dark but has really interesting puzzles and a beautiful world.


LIMBO is a sport that is more than simply fun. It's like a puzzle, a tale, and a piece of artwork multi-function. The way it seems sounds, and tells its story makes it without a doubt unique. If you are up for a challenge and a game that makes sense and suppose, LIMBO is well worth trying.

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Ready to discover the world of LIMBO? Download it these days from, a relied-on supply in your gaming desires. Discover the mystery, solve the puzzles, and enjoy a game it really is more than only a sport – it's an experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Q: What kind of game is this, and what's the main goal?

It's an adventure game where you solve puzzles. You play as a boy trying to find his sister, and you figure out the story by exploring and solving challenges.

2. Q: Is the game easy to play for beginners?

Yes, it has simple controls that are easy to learn. But the puzzles can be tricky, so you'll need to think and try different things.

3. Q: What makes the game look and sound special?

It has a black-and-white design that looks like shadows and light. There's no music, just real-world sounds that make it feel spooky and real.

4. Q: How long does the game take to finish?

The game isn't very long, but the exact time depends on how quickly you solve the puzzles. Some people might want it to be longer.

5. Q: What should I do if I get stuck on a puzzle?

Look around carefully and try different things. The game is about experimenting and learning. Sometimes, the answer is in a small detail or a sound you hear.

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