Yandere Simulator APK Mod v3.0 (for Android)

Yandere Simulator APK Mod v3.0 (for Android)

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Android 5.1 and up
Version 3.0
34 MB
Android 5.1 and up
Version 3.0
34 MB

Yandere Simulator Simulator APK Mod is a computer game where you play as a high school girl secretly in love with a boy, determined to keep him all to herself by any means necessary.

App Name Yandere Simulator
Publisher azyutikol
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Yandere Simulator is a fun computer game. You act like a high school girl who is in love with a boy. She seems nice but can be very mean to others. Your job in the game is to help her be with the boy she likes without others finding out who she really is.

Five Key Features.

One thing that makes the game special is the world it gives you. You can explore the school and other places, meet other people in the game, and find tools to help you. You have many choices to make in this big play area.

Your main job in the game is to keep other girls away from the boy you like. You need to be clever and make sure nobody sees you doing bad things. If they do, they might take photos and tell the police. You can also set up things to get the other girls in trouble instead.

A cool part of the Yandere Simulator is how you go about your daily school life. You go to classes to learn new things that can help you in the game. You can join clubs to get special stuff, and you can make friends who can do favors for you.

Covering up what you do is a big deal in this game. If you do something bad, you need to clean up and get rid of any proof. This means wiping up spills, throwing away the tools you used, and making sure no one finds anything left over.

Last, the game feels like real-life school days. The days go by in the game just like they do in the real world. There’s a clock that keeps the time. You have to think about what to do each day before the week ends to reach your goals in the game.

Best Tips for Yandere Simulator.

When you play, remember that not getting caught is the most important part. Move around with care, and make sure you don't act strange in front of others. Use hide spots and be quiet when you do sneaky things.

Seeing how people move in the game is a good idea. This helps you to pick the best times to do things without being seen. Also, try to leave no clues or mess behind. If you do this well, the game will be easier for you.

Joining clubs in the game can give you a helping hand. Each club gives you different tools and can make your job easier. Think about which club you want to join because it can change how you play the game and the choices you have.

Time is key in the Yandere Simulator. You must do your tasks before the weekends. So, have a plan for each day. This helps you stay on track and not waste time. It’s also fun to see your plan work out!

At last, watch your character's mood. The way you act can make other people in the game like or not like you. Being friendly can help you, while strange actions might make others stay away from you or make it harder to reach your goals.

Pros and Cons.

Playing Yandere Simulator is very exciting but there are good and bad things about it. A big plus is that the game is fun with lots of different ways to play. You can make many choices, which means you can play many times and it feels new each time.

Another good thing is the game's look. It's very much like those Japanese cartoons with bright colors and interesting people. Also, the sounds in the game, like music or voices, add to the fun and make you feel like you're really there.

A not-so-good part is that the game is still being made. This means sometimes you might find errors or parts that don't work yet. The makers are always fixing and adding things, though, so it keeps getting better.

For some, another downside is that the Yandere Simulator has rules about not being for kids. It has some bits that are too much for them, like fighting and love themes. Adults will find these parts ok, but it's not a game for younger people.

Lastly, when you put the game on your computer, it might ask you to download more things you don't want. You have to look carefully and choose not to get these extras. They are not needed to play the game and can be annoying.

Alternatives for Yandere Simulator.

If you're looking for other games like the Yandere Simulator, you might try games like "Hitman" for sneaky missions or "Bully" for school adventures. These games are like the Yandere Simulator because you have to think of plans and make choices to win.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I play Yandere Simulator on my phone?

Yes, an Android version is there so you can play on the go.

Is Yandere Simulator free to play?

You can play the demo for free but the full game might cost money later when it's all done.

How do you win the game?

You try to keep other girls away from your Senpai without getting caught so that he'll notice only you.

Can I play without hurting others in the game?

Yes, you can make choices that don’t hurt others, like making friends or joining clubs.

Is the game safe to download?

Yes, if you make sure to download it from a good website that checks its games for safety.


Yandere Simulator is a game full of thrills with a different idea. It lets you try out lots of paths and keep playing in new ways. While there are some small issues, the game still offers hours of fun and a look into a unique part of gaming.

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