My Talking Tom 2 APK v4.2.0.6592 (for Android)

My Talking Tom 2 APK v4.2.0.6592 (for Android)

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Android 5.0 and up
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Android 5.0 and up
140 MB

My Talking Tom 2 APK is a mobile game where you care for a virtual cat named Tom, keeping him fed, clean, and happy while enjoying mini-games and adventures.

App Name My Talking Tom 2
Publisher Outfit7 Limited
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My Talking Tom 2 is a mobile game. It's about taking care of a cat named Tom. You feed him, clean him, and play with him. The game is made to be fun and lets you do many things with Tom.

Five Key Features

Dress and Teach Tom: 

You get to pick clothes for Tom. He can look cool, funny, or cute. He can also learn tricks. You can clap when he does a good flip or a big jump. It makes you happy to see Tom do well.

Yummy Foods and Clean-ups:

Tom needs to eat. You can give him snacks or big meals. Each kind of food makes him happy in a different way. After that, he can get dirty, so you need to wash him. It's like you are his mom or dad.

Bedroom, Bathroom, and More:

You must put Tom to sleep. He gets sleepy just like you. So, you turn off the lights and say 'Good night.' Tom also needs to go to the bathroom. You help him with that. It's part of taking care of him.

Discover New Places:

Tom can go to other worlds. These places are not real, but they are fun. Tom finds toys, clothes, and more in these places. It's like going on an adventure or a holiday.

Mini Games and Surprises:

The game has little games inside it. You can play puzzles, races, or music games. They give you coins to buy stuff for Tom. Every game is a chance to win something nice for your friend Tom.

Best Tips for My Talking Tom 2

To do well in My Talking Tom 2, you need to know some tricks. First, keep Tom happy. Feed him when he's hungry. Use the bathtub to wash him when he's dirty. If Tom is sad or sick, look for ways to make him feel good again.

Next is sleep. Tom needs to sleep like you do. If he's tired, he will not want to play. Make sure you help him to his bed for rest. Games in the game are also important. Try different ones for fun or to get more coins. With coins, you buy new things for Tom or his place.

The last tip is to travel with Tom. Going to new places can give you cool gifts. Try to go everywhere you can. You might find something very special.

Remember, be kind to Tom and keep him in a good mood. That way, he will be your best friend in the game.

Pros and Cons

Taking care of a virtual pet on My Talking Tom 2 offers fun moments, but it also has its ups and downs. Let's break them down.


Fashion and Learning: First, making Tom wear different clothes makes you creative. Also, teaching him new things can feel cool because you see how he learns, like a kid or pet.

Free Playing: You don't need money to play this game. It's free which is really nice because everyone can have fun without paying.

Every Day a New Thing: The mini-games, food choices, and places keep the game fresh. You won't get bored because there's always something new to do.

Taking Responsibility: Looking after Tom helps you know about caring for others. It's like taking care of a real pet, but easier of course.

Fun Friends: Tom's not alone. He has friends who come around to make things livelier. More friends, more joy.


Ads Everywhere: Sometimes, there are a lot of ads. They can pop up and stop the game. It can be annoying, especially if you are in the mood to play.

Waiting Times: Some tasks need you to wait. Maybe it's for Tom to finish sleeping or something else. Waiting can be boring when you just want to play.

Money for Certain Items: Even though the game is free, some special items cost real money. Not everyone likes buying things in a game.

Repetition: Sometimes, doing the same thing many times can feel old. Feed Tom, wash Tom — some people may find it a bit repetitive after a while.

Device Power: My Talking Tom 2 uses a lot of your phone's or tablet's battery. That's because it is a well-made game with lots of animations and sound.

Alternatives for My Talking Tom 2

There are other games like My Talking Tom 2. One is called "Pou" - it's about taking care of a cute alien. "Moy" is another one, where you look after a sweet cartoon creature. Both are fun and about caring for someone.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is My Talking Tom 2 good for kids?

Yes, it's good for kids. It's simple and safe but check on them because of the ads and buy options.

2. Can I play My Talking Tom 2 without the internet?

You can do most things in the game without being online, but some parts need the internet.

3. How do you get coins fast?

Playing the mini-games gives you coins quickly. And doing your daily tasks. That's how you earn a lot without waiting too long.

4. Can I play with others in My Talking Tom 2?

No, it's not a game to play with others. It's just you taking care of Tom.

5. What happens if Tom gets sick?

Tom can get medicine. Just find the medicine icon, and help Tom take it. Then he'll feel better soon.


My Talking Tom 2 is a fun game to take care of Tom the cat. You can play games, travel, and dress him up. There is much to like, but remember it's a game that also has ads and waiting times.

Free Download My Talking Tom 2 APK Latest Version for Android

You can get My Talking Tom 2 at It's a place where you can get games safely. Go there and download Tom to start the fun now. Play with him and discover all the cool things he can do.

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