Pokemon Infinite Fusion APK v1.0.4 (for Android)

Pokemon Infinite Fusion APK v1.0.4 (for Android)

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Android 5.1 and up
Version 1.0.4
1.3 GB
Android 5.1 and up
Version 1.0.4
1.3 GB

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a fan-made computer game where you can mix two Pokemon to create new, custom ones.

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Publisher EReader
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Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a fun game where you mix two Pokemon together. It's made by fans, for fans, on a computer. It lets you mix any two Pokemon you like and make a new one with parts from both.

Five Key Features

First, fusion fun! In the game, you can mix any two Pokemon to make a new one. This means ideas can run wild as you make 176,400 combinations with different powers and looks.

Second comes the graphics. The game feels like the Pokemon games on Nintendo DS. It has a similar look and way of playing, so many players will find it easy to start playing.

Third, Pokemon tales. The game follows a story where you visit places from two Pokemon worlds, Kanto and Johto. You meet people, beat gym leaders, and win badges with your mixed-up Pokemon pals.

Fourth, more speed. If you play and think it's slow, no problem! You can speed up the game. It’s good for when you want to go faster through easy parts.

Lastly, swapping with players. There's a Special Trade where you can trade your fused Pokemon with others online. It's a surprise treat as you see what Pokemon you get.

Best Tips for Pokemon Infinite Fusion

To start, know your Pokemon. Learn what each one does best. This will help when you mix, making strong new ones.

Next, think about type. Pokemon can be fire, water, and more. When you mix, your Pokemon can get more than one type. This means they can be good against many others, but also weak too.

Another tip, let's talk stats. Stats say how strong, quick, or tough your Pokemon is. Some match-ups make a super-like powerful mix. Look at these numbers before you mix!

Also, try different ideas. Don't stop at what sounds strong. Some strange mixes could surprise you with how fun or funny they are!

Lastly, look around a lot. Every area has Pokemon to catch and items that help. Take your time, you might find something great!

Pros and Cons

For the good parts, first, it's really open to what-ifs. You can mix nearly any two Pokemon. This freedom is super fun and makes you think of cool combos. Second, art is a big win. So many Pokemon are drawn by fans, and it looks fun to see your mixed Pokemon. Third, the story is catching and has cool side jobs for more play.

But, there are tricky parts too. One, wait times can be long – when you start the game, it can slow you down. Two, sometimes you get stuck in the game at points, which can be a pain. Lastly, now and then the game screen might go blank, which messes up the fun.

Alternatives for Pokemon Infinite Fusion

If you like Pokemon Infinite Fusion but want to try something new, check out similar fan games. "Pokemon Opalo" and "Pokemon Uranium" are two more games made by fans that have their own special touch. They're free just like Pokemon Infinite Fusion and give different fun ways to be a Pokemon trainer.

Frequently Asked Questions

One question people ask a lot is, "Can you play this on phones?" No, this game is made for computers using Windows. Another question, "Is it okay to get this game?" Yes, but just for you to enjoy it and not for selling. Being careful is key! Someone might also ask, "What if the game does not work?" You might need to update some things on your computer or check the game's help pages. A final one, "How often does the game change?" The maker adds new things and fixes problems often, so keep an eye on updates.


To wrap it up, Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a cool twist on the Pokemon games. It's full of surprises with so many ways to mix Pokemon. Fun, creative, and great for anyone who loves adventures with these pocket monsters.

Free Download Pokemon Infinite Fusion APK Latest Version for Android

Are you ready for wild Pokemon mix-ups? Go and download Pokemon Infinite Fusion free at Trustedmod.com. It's a trusted place to get the game and start your cool journey. Make, trade, and enjoy with your new Pokemon pals!

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