Viber App APK v21.4.1.0 (for Android)

Viber App APK v21.4.1.0 (for Android)

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Android 5.0 and up
178 MB
Android Android 5.0 and up
178 MB

Viber App APK is a free app that lets you send messages and make calls to other Viber users over the internet.

App Name Rakuten Viber Messenger
Publisher Viber Media S.à r.l.
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Viber App is a smart way to talk and text with no money. It lets you send messages and call other people who use Viber too. You can do this on your phone or computer. You just need the internet to make it work.

Five Key Features.

Connect with Anyone for Free

With Viber, you can chat and make calls to anyone else who has Viber. It makes connecting with people easy and doesn’t cost anything. You can also have a group call with lots of people, like your whole family or all your friends, even if they are far away.

Messages That Keep Your Secrets

When you talk on Viber, your words are kept secret. This is called end-to-end encryption. It means no one else can see your messages. Not even the people who made Viber can read them.

Fun with Stickers and GIFs

Viber makes chatting fun. You can add funny stickers and moving pictures called GIFs to your messages. There are lots of stickers and GIFs to choose from! You can even make a sticker that’s just yours.

Talking More for Less Money

Viber not only lets you talk for free with other Viber people but also helps you call people who don’t use the app for a small cost. This service is called Viber Out. You can call anywhere in the world without spending a lot.

Group Chats for Everyone

You can open a group chat on Viber. You can add up to 250 people to the chat. It’s great for when you want to talk to a lot of people at once. You can share news, ask questions, or just have fun with everyone.

Best Tips for Viber App.

Secure Your Chats

When you start using Viber, turn on the setting that hides your messages from others. This makes sure that what you say is safe.

Use Viber on the Computer Too

You can put Viber on your computer, not just your phone. When you are working or at home, you can still talk to people over Viber.

Share Your Fun Moments

You can send messages that disappear after a little while. This means you can share something funny or special, and after some time, that message will go away.

Keep It All Organized 

You can forward messages and save links that you like in Viber. You can even set a reminder so you don't forget to do something important.

Make It Yours

Make your own sticker or use the special lenses to change the way you look. Your chats will look just like you want them to.

Pros and Cons.


Easy to Use

Viber's main advantage is its simplicity. The app is user-friendly, making it a breeze for anyone to start chatting or calling.

No Cost Conversations

With Viber, talking to fellow Viber users doesn't cost a dime. Whether you want to message or call, there's no price tag if you're connected to WiFi.

Fun Chat Options

Stickers, GIFs, and lenses add a layer of fun to chats. They help express feelings and moods, which normal text can't always do.

Group Connectivity

Being able to chat in a big group is super handy. It's a great way to talk to lots of people about important stuff, make plans, or just share laughs.

Privacy Protection

The encryption at Viber keeps your talks private. Whether it is a one-on-one or a group chat, the conversation stays between you and your friends.


Data Use

If you're not on WiFi, Viber can eat up your data plan. It might end up costing more if you’re using it without an unlimited data package.

Quality Depends

How well Viber works can depend on your Internet speed. If your connection is slow, calls might not sound great.

Limited Free Calls

Free calls are only to others who have Viber. If you want to call regular numbers, you'll have to use Viber Out, which isn’t free.

Too Many Stickers?

Sometimes the huge number of stickers and GIFs can be overwhelming and make it harder to find the perfect one for your chat.

Can Be Crowded

With features like communities and lots of chat options, it can be a lot to handle. This might make the app seem too busy for some users.

Alternatives for Viber App.

Some apps like Viber are WhatsApp, Skype, and Telegram. They all let you chat and call for free. Each app has different bonus points, so there's something for everybody.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I use Viber for free?

Yes, Viber is free for texting and calling other Viber users. But, calling non-Viber numbers might cost a little bit.

Is my chat safe on Viber?

Yes, your chat is safe. Viber has end-to-end encryption, so your chat is private.

Can I use Viber on my computer?

Yes, you can use Viber on your computer. This way, you can keep chatting or calling even when you're not using your phone.

What can Viber do?

Viber can send texts, stickers, GIFs, and make calls. It can also do video calls, group chats, and let you buy minutes to call any phone number.

Can I make my own stickers on Viber?

Yes, Viber lets you make your own stickers to use in your chats.


Viber is a neat app for talking and texting with friends and family. It has lots of fun features and keeps your chats safe. It's great for all kinds of people and is easy to use on phones and computers.

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