Google Chrome APK v118.0.5993.48 (for Android)

Google Chrome APK v118.0.5993.48 (for Android)

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Android 5.0 and up
Version 118.0.5993.48
131 MB
Android Android 5.0 and up
Version 118.0.5993.48
131 MB

Google Chrome Chrome APK is a web browser created by Google. It lets users go on the internet to see web pages, and watch videos.

App Name Google Chrome: Fast & Secure
Publisher Google LLC
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Google Chrome is a web browser made by Google. You use it to look at websites on your phone or computer. It is free and known for being fast and easy to use. Google Chrome keeps your info safe while you surf the web.

Five Key Features

Search with Google Especially Built In

Google Chrome has a powerful search. You type, and instantly, you get guesses for what you want. It understands you fast and you can find things on the web easily.

Browse Fast

With Google Chrome, when you open a new page, it shows websites you visited before real quick. You can get to your favorite sites super fast with no waiting.

Sync Across Devices

Google Chrome gives you a cool way to see the same bookmarks and passwords on your phone and computer. You sign in once, and all your stuff gets saved online, so you can use it everywhere.

Store Passwords and Payment Info

Chrome can keep your passwords and card details for shopping. It puts them into websites for you, so you do not have to type them every time.

Voice Search & Translate

If you do not like typing, you can speak to search on Google Chrome. Also, Chrome will change words from one language to another with just a click, making the entire website readable in your language.

Best Tips for Google Chrome

Customize with Themes

Make Chrome look like you want. You can change colors and pictures in the browser to make it your style.

Make Use of Extensions

Chrome has small programs called 'extensions'. They add new things to Chrome. You could block ads or manage your tasks in the browser.

Use Incognito Mode

You can open a special window that won't remember what you’ve seen after you close it. It helps keep what you search and view private.

Pros and Cons


Speed: Google Chrome is known to be a very fast browser. Pages load quickly, which saves you time.

Simple User Interface: Chrome has a clean layout that's easy to use. There aren't too many buttons or confusing options.

Safe Browsing: It warns you if you're about to go to a bad website that could harm your device or steal your info.

Syncing: With your Google account, you can see your stuff like bookmarks or your history on different gadgets.

Extensions and Personalization: You can add little programs to do more things and also change how Chrome looks to match what you like.


Use of Memory and Resources: Chrome can use a lot of your device's memory, especially if you have many tabs open, which might make your gadget slow.

Privacy Concerns: Some are wary of how much data Chrome collects on what we do online.

Updates: Although Chrome updates automatically, sometimes new versions might have some little issues or changes that not everyone likes.

Battery Drain on Laptops: Using Chrome a lot might make your laptop's battery run out faster than other browsers.

No Built-In Ad Blocker: Chrome doesn't stop ads on its own. If you don't want ads, you have to add an extension for that.

Alternatives for Google Chrome

If you're looking for something different than Google Chrome, there are a few options:

Firefox: Known for privacy and customization.

Safari: Built into Apple products, it's speedy and saves battery.

Opera: Comes with an ad blocker and VPN.

These are different web browsers you can try on your phone or computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I set up Chrome as my main browser?

Go to your gadget's settings, find Google Chrome, and there you can pick it as the main browser.

2. Can I use Chrome on my Apple gadget?

Yes, you can get Google Chrome from the App Store for your iPhone or iPad.

3. Is Google Chrome really free?

Totally, it costs no money to download or use.

4. How do Chrome extensions work?

You add them to Chrome, and they give new abilities or help you do things faster like blocking ads or managing lists.

5. Is it easy to move to Chrome from another browser?

Yes, Chrome can help move your bookmarks and passwords so you can start using Chrome with comfort.

6. Can I set Google Chrome to my Native language?

Chrome has setting options where you can choose the language you want.


Google Chrome is a web browser that is all about being quick and user-friendly. It lets you find what you need on the web really easily and safely keeps all your personal stuff.

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You are now ready to download Google Chrome for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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