Snapchat Modded APK v12.67.0.24 (Plus/Pro Unlocked, Anti Ban)

Snapchat Modded APK v12.67.0.24 (Plus/Pro Unlocked, Anti Ban)

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Android 5.1 and up
109 MB
Android 5.1 and up
109 MB

Snapchat Modded APK is a version with extended snaps, privacy features, creative tools, and group skipping.

App Name Snapchat Modded
Publisher Snap Inc
MOD Info Plus/Pro Unlocked, Anti Ban
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MOD Info
  • Plus/Pro Unlocked
  • Anti Ban

Snapchat Modded APK enhances the popular social media app, offering extended Snap lifespans, enhanced privacy, and creative freedom with unique lenses and filters. Despite potential risks like bans, it transforms your Snapchat experience, providing features like group skipping and timer disabling.

Overview of The App

Welcome to the world of Snapchat Modded, a unique twist to the familiar social media platform that has taken the digital realm by storm. While Snapchat has always been synonymous with sharing memories and moments, this app introduces an array of features that amplify your social media experience.

When it first launched, Snapchat was the preferred app for sharing images and stories. However, it takes it up a notch by offering users an enhanced version with added functionalities. Imagine a Snapchat where your Snaps last longer, your privacy is heightened, and creative expression knows no bounds.

Snapchat Modded APK

Attractive Features of Modded Snapchat APK

Extended Snap Lifespan

Ever wished your Snaps could last a bit longer? With Snapchat Mod APK, say goodbye to the ticking clock. Your Snaps won't disappear as quickly, allowing friends more time to savor the moments you share.

Enhanced Privacy Features

Worried about screenshots? Fear not! Snapchat Hacked brings a new level of privacy, notifying you if someone takes a screenshot of your Stories. Enjoy the freedom to share without constant concern.

Creative Tools Unleashed

Express yourself like never before with a multitude of creative tools. From unique lenses and filters to Bitmoji, Snapchat Mod Android turns your snaps into a canvas for your imagination.

Enhanced Camera

Snapchat's core identity revolves around sharing visual stories. With Snapchat Mod APK Snapchat Plus, the camera becomes your playground. A single tap captures a photo, while a press-and-hold records a video. Lenses, filters, and Bitmoji add a personal touch, making every Snap uniquely yours.

Global Communication

Communication reaches new heights with Snapchat Plus Mod APK. Group Stories and live messaging allow you to share your day with friends worldwide. Video calls with up to sixteen participants become more dynamic with the application of various effects like lenses and filters.

Snapchat Mod APK

Story Exploration

The app's Newsfeed prompts you to check out how your friends spent their day through their Stories. User-generated content expands your horizon, offering diverse perspectives. Stay updated with the latest headlines and exclusive series episodes, broadening your Snapchat experience.

Location Sharing

Invite your closest friends to follow your adventures or remain anonymous with Ghost Mode. Real-time tracking of friends' locations and activities on your map adds a layer of excitement. Listen to Stories from around the world or discover local gems.

Memory Vault

The Memory Vault ensures your most cherished moments are not just fleeting. Make unlimited copies of your photos and videos, storing them securely. Create Stories based on your memories, utilizing infinite cloud storage with customizable privacy settings.

Snapchat Mod Android

Some Other Features

  • Screenshot Without Notifications: Enjoy the freedom to take screenshots of your favorite Stories without notifications.
  • Timeless Snaps: Bid farewell to disappearing Snaps; your shared moments stay visible for as long as you want.
  • Creative Tools Galore: From unique lenses to Bitmoji, explore a plethora of creative options for your Snaps.
  • Skip Snapchat Groups: No more mandatory group story viewings; skip through Snapchat groups at your leisure.
  • Timer Disabling: Freezing time? Disable timers for an unrestricted viewing experience.
  • Unviewed Snaps Preservation: Hold on to unviewed Snaps even after saving, ensuring they never vanish.
  • Anti-Ban Feature: While Snapchat frowns upon modifications, this feature aims to keep users in the game without repercussions.
  • Media Installation: Take control of all media shared on Snapchat, saving and exporting them to your mobile library.
  • Video Chat: Snapchat Pro enhances your video chatting experience, allowing conversations with up to 16 people simultaneously.
  • Spotlight Enjoyment: Dive into Snapchat's Spotlight feature, witnessing the creativity of others, and saving memorable videos and snaps.

Advantages and Disadvantages of The App 


  • Enhanced Privacy: Get notified when someone screenshots your Stories for added content control.
  • Extended Snap Lifespan: Snaps last longer, allowing friends more time to appreciate your moments.


  • Risk of Bans: Modifying the app may result in potential account bans.
  • Limited Official Support: Modded versions may lack official support, leading to potential issues with updates or troubleshooting compared to the original Snapchat app.

Instructions for Downloading from

Curious about trying out Snapchat Modded? Here's how to download it safely:

  1. Visit Head to and search for "Snapchat Modded APK".
  2. Article Search: Find the article introducing this app and scroll down to the bottom.
  3. Download Now: Locate the "Download Now" button, and with a click, initiate the download.
  4. Follow On-Screen Instructions: Adhere to the on-screen instructions, ensuring a smooth download process.


Snapchat Modded APK emerges as a captivating evolution of the familiar social media landscape. With extended Snap lifespans, enhanced privacy, and a plethora of creative tools, it offers users a unique and enriched experience. As you embark on this modified Snapchat journey, balance the allure of creative freedom with the need for cautious exploration. Embrace the extended possibilities, but be mindful of the potential pitfalls in this innovative digital realm.

Snapchat Mod APK Snapchat Plus

Things Readers Need To Know 

  • Screenshot Stealth: Capture screenshots discreetly for a private viewing experience.
  • Timeless Snaps: Shared moments on Snapchat no longer disappear; they are saved for a lasting memory.
  • Creative Toolbox: Explore creative expression with lenses, filters, and Bitmoji to personalize your Snaps.
  • Group Skipping: Skip through Snapchat groups at your own pace, eliminating obligatory group story viewings.
  • Timer Disabling: Freeze time by disabling timers, granting unrestricted viewing freedom.
  • Preserving Unviewed Snaps: Keep unviewed Snaps even after saving, ensuring they never disappear.
  • Anti-Ban Feature: Navigate the modified Snapchat world without the fear of bans, while still exercising caution.
  • Media Control: Take control of shared media on Snapchat, saving and exporting them to your mobile library.
  • Enhanced Video Chat: Engage in dynamic conversations with up to 16 people simultaneously using Pro Version.
  • Spotlight Enjoyment: Immerse yourself in Snapchat's Spotlight feature, discovering and saving memorable content and showcasing the creativity of others.
Download (109 MB)

You are now ready to download Snapchat Modded for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.


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