Opera Mini APK v75.0.2254.68857 (Browser)

Opera Mini APK v75.0.2254.68857 (Browser)

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Android 5.0 and up
Version 75.0.2254.68857
30 MB
Android Android 5.0 and up
Version 75.0.2254.68857
30 MB

Opera Mini APK is a mobile web browser known for compressing data and speeding up page loading, ideal for saving data on mobile plans.

App Name Opera Mini: Fast Web Browser
Publisher Opera
MOD Info Browser
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Opera Mini is an internet browser for mobile phones. It makes web pages smaller before showing them on your phone. This means pages load quicker and cost less data.

Five Key Features

Save Data

Opera Mini uses a special technology to shrink web pages so they use less data. You can surf the internet a lot and still save data. Great for staying within your data plan, especially when you're not using Wi-Fi.

Fast Browsing

Because Opera Mini makes files small, everything loads faster. Even with a slow phone or slow internet, you can still have a good browsing experience.

Ad Block

Annoying ads can make web pages load slow. Opera Mini blocks these ads for you. This makes browsing smoother and lets you read or watch without interruption.

Offline Reading

Found something interesting but no time to read it? Opera Mini lets you save web pages to read later, even without the internet.

Night Mode

Reading at night can be hard on your eyes. Night mode in Opera Mini makes your screen darker. So you can read easier without hurting your eyes.

Best Tips for Opera Mini

Use Private Tabs

When you search in private tabs, Opera Mini doesn't keep your browsing history. Your searches stay secret.

Customize Your Layout

Make Opera Mini look the way you want. You can change the colors and where things are on the screen.

Save Your Favorites

Do you visit some websites a lot? Put them on your main screen in Opera Mini. This way you can open them fast, with just one tap.

Download Smart

When you download big files, sometimes the internet stops. With Opera Mini, the downloads pause and start again automatically. You can also wait to download until you have Wi-Fi.

Stay Updated

Want to know what's happening in the world? Opera Mini finds the hottest news for you. So you always know the latest stories.

Pros and Cons


Saves Data: Opera Mini is best for saving data. It's good for your wallet, especially if you're not on unlimited plans.

Fast on Slow Networks: Even on not-so-good internet, Opera Mini makes things load quickly. That's good for people with slow connections.

Blocks Ads: It comes with a feature to block ads. Say goodbye to annoying pop-ups and banners!

Offline Reading: You can save things you find online to see later. This means you can enjoy content without using data.

Night Mode: Reading in the dark can hurt your eyes. Night mode in Opera Mini helps with that. You get a dimmer screen that's better for your eyes at night.


Simple Interface: Some people may not like the simple look. It's not as fancy as some other browsers.

Compressed Pages: Sometimes shrinking pages can change how they look. They might not look exactly how they're supposed to.

Privacy Concerns: Opera Mini sends your stuff to its servers to shrink it. Some people worry about privacy because of this.

Compatibility Issues: A few websites may not work right with Opera Mini. This can be typical with browsers that compress data.

Limited JavaScript Support: If you love interactive websites, Opera Mini might not do well. It doesn't always handle JavaScript too well.

Alternatives for Opera Mini

Several other browsers compete with Opera Mini. Popular ones include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and UC Browser. They all have different features, so if Opera Mini isn't your match, check these out!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Opera Mini?

It's a mobile app for browsing the web. It makes pages smaller before showing them, to speed things up and save data.

Is Opera Mini free?

Yes, it is free to download and use on your phone.

Can Opera Mini block ads?

For sure! It comes with an ad blocker to keep away those annoying ads.

Does Opera Mini work on all phones?

It works on most phones, especially if they use Android or iOS.

Can I save pages to read offline?

Yes, you can save any page and read it later, without internet!

Does it really save a lot of data?

Yes, Opera Mini can save up to 90% of data while browsing.


Opera Mini is a simple, quick, and data-saving browser. Good for reading at night, blocking ads, and saving on mobile data. If this fits what you want, give Opera Mini a try.

Free Download Opera Mini APK 1.21 (Browser) Old Version for Android

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