SHAREit APK v3.6.98 (Latest Version)

SHAREit APK v3.6.98 (Latest Version)

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Android 4.1 and up
Version 3.6.98
55 MB
Android 4.1 and up
Version 3.6.98
55 MB

HAREit APK is a mobile app that lets you share files with other devices without needing the internet or Bluetooth. It's fast, free, and works on multiple platforms.

App Name SHAREit Lite - Fast File Share
Publisher Smart Media4U Technology Pte.Ltd.
MOD Info Latest Version
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SHAREit is an app that lets you send photos, music, and all types of files to other gadgets without using the internet or Bluetooth. This freeware creates its own hotspot to connect with up to five devices for sharing.

Five Key Features

Transfer Any File

Really, SHAREit can send any file. Photos, songs, movies, apps, or large documents, if it's saved on your device, SHAREit can move it. No cables, no web, no worries. Just pick your file and send it fast.

Multiple Device Support

Got a bunch of different gadgets? SHAREit brings them together. It works on your computer (Windows or Mac), your Android phone, or your iPhone and iPad. It's pretty good at connecting different types or brands.

No Size Limit

Have a huge video or app to share? With SHAREit, there's no size limit. So forget those messages saying your file's too big. Load up your biggest items and hit 'Send'. Simple as that.

Fast Speeds

Blazing fast – up to 200 times quicker than Bluetooth! That's what SHAREit claims for its sharing speed, reaching up to 20mb/s. Send big files in a flash, making the wait times really small.

One cool thing is SHAREit doesn't need data. You can stay off the grid: no internet, no problem. Perfect for when you're outside or in a place with bad connection. Just connect and share, that's it.

Best Tips for SHAREit.

First up, always check updates. SHAREit can change a lot and fixes can make it smoother to use. Also, clear your devices of stuff you don't use before starting shopping. More space means easier sharing.

Now sharing spots. Find a place without too many networks overcrowding. It lets SHAREit make a stronger connection for your devices.

Quick select is your friend. Picking files can be a hassle. But with quick selects, you can grab a bunch all in one go. Super handy.

Stay organized: label your files. When they land on the other device, it's easier to find what you need with good labels.

Lastly, use the clean up tool. It helps you tidy your phone after a lot of shares, but remember, it's basic. Mainly just for unwanted downloads, not deep cleaning.

Pros and Cons


First, we've got any-device sharing. SHAREit isn't picky about brands or systems. Whether it's your Android or your bro's iPhone, the app connects them. Next, no net needed. Absolutely zero data to share your stuff. Handy for no-WiFi spots or saving your data plan.

Then there’s speed. SHAREit's zippy! Waiting ages for big files to move? Not here. Also, this isn't a one-file-at-a-time slow dance. Share with five devices at once.

Lastly, say bye to blurry photos. SHAREit keeps quality great. Pics, tunes, all stay crisp and clear.


Sure, SHAREit's neat, but it's not perfect. One gripe? Those ads! The app's basically an ad fest – could be super annoying.

Old gadget users, look out. On older phones or computers (think Windows XP), SHAREit might be slow or buggy.

For folks who multitask on their phones, sharing while playing videos or music could slow things down.

Up next, sorting through the extra features can be a hassle. Games, tools, videos – it's a lot when you just want to share files.

Alternatives for SHAREit.

If SHAREit's not your thing, check out Airdroid – nicer for your eyes and ears with less ad clutter. Or you might like Zapya or Send Anywhere. They're both in the file-sharing game too, with their own cool bits.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Need the web to share? Nope. SHAREit does it all offline.

2. All devices allowed? Pretty much. Android, iOS, Windows, Mac – all good.

3. Big files okay? Absolutely. Chuck over the big stuff without a worry.

4. Quick to share? Super fast - speeds hit up to 20mb/s.

5. Ads – can they go? Sadly, no. Ads come with the free app.

6. Send to multiple gadgets? Yep, up to five at the same time. Neat, right?

7. Still good-quality stuff? For sure! Images and tunes keep their jazz post-share.

8. Hard on old tech? Might be tough on ancient phones or computers. Keep up to date for smooth sharing.


SHAREit, with a super simple way to shoot files around, hits lots of right notes. There's stuff to tweak, sure, but it offers solid, easy sharing – no cost, no web, and no strings attached.

Free Download SHAREit APK 2023 (Latest Version) for Android

Ready to jump into top-speed sharing without a data dent? Get SHAREit from – safe, easy, and ready for all your transfer needs. It's the smart pick for sending files far and fast.

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You are now ready to download SHAREit for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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