Sidequest APK v1.11 (for Android)

Sidequest APK v1.11 (for Android)

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Android 4.4W and up
Version 1.11
17 MB
Android 4.4W and up
Version 1.11
17 MB

Sidequest APK is a platform that lets you find and install virtual reality (VR) games and apps that aren't available on the official Oculus Store.

App Name SideQuest ( BETA )
Publisher SideQuest Ltd
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Sidequest is a place where you can find new games and apps for your VR headset, like Oculus Quest. It's safe and free. It helps you find cool new things that are not in the Oculus Store.

Five Key Features.

More Games and Apps

Sidequest has games and apps that you can't find in the Oculus Store. Think of it like a special shop with rare and new games. You can try things that are fresh and different.

Easy to Use 

You can use Sidequest on your computer to get games onto your VR headset. You plug your headset into the computer with a USB cord and then you can choose and put games on it. You can also use an app on your Android phone, but you might need the computer first to set things up.

Free for Everyone

Sidequest is free. This means you don't have to pay to use it. It's good for people who are trying new games and for people who make games. You can test and play without spending money.

Safe and Trusted

Sidequest is a safe place to get games. The people who made Sidequest work with VR companies to make sure everything works well. This means you can trust the games from here to be okay for your headset.

Support for Creators

If you make games, Sidequest is a good place to share your work. It lets you show your game to people who like trying new things. Creators can get feedback and make their games better.

Best Tips for Sidequest.

Connecting Your Headset

Before you start, you need to connect your headset to your computer. Use the USB cord that came with it. Make sure it's plugged in right.

Enable Developer Mode

To use Sidequest, you need to turn on Developer Mode on your headset. This might sound tricky, but it's just a few steps in your headset's settings.

Wireless Connection

After you do it once with a USB, you can connect without wires. Just remember, you need to do it with the USB first.

Choosing Games

Look around in Sidequest for games you like. Think about what kinds of games are fun for you. Maybe you like action or puzzles. Look for those.


Keep your Sidequest updated. This means that the app has to be the newest version. Newer versions work better and have more games.

Pros and Cons.


Lots of Choices

You can choose from many different games that are not in the normal store.

Free to Use

You don't need money to get Sidequest or to try most of the games.

Support Developers

You help people who make games by playing their games, and they can make them better.

No Wires Needed

After setting up, you can put games on your headset without a USB cord, using wireless.


It's a safe place to get new apps because Sidequest works with the right companies to keep it good for everyone.


More Steps

It takes some extra steps to start using Sidequest. You have to change settings and maybe use a computer.

Not All Phones Work

Some phones can't work with Sidequest to put games on your headset.

Developer Mode

To use Sidequest, you need developer mode, and some people might find this hard to do.

Can Be Confused

Finding games and knowing how to put them on can be hard for some people.

Need for Updates

You have to keep Sidequest and games updated, or they might not work right.

Alternatives for Sidequest.

Other ways to get games like Sidequest are App Lab from Oculus, where you find more games not in the big store, and other places on the internet like, where people who make games share them.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Sidequest safe?

Yes, it's safe. They work with VR companies to make sure that they only have good games.

How do I start with Sidequest?

You use a USB to connect the headset to your computer and put Sidequest on your computer from their site. Turn on developer mode on your headset, and follow the steps Sidequest gives you.

Do I always need a computer to use Sidequest?

You need a computer the first time to set things up. After that, if your phone works with it, you might not need the computer again.

Can Sidequest harm my VR headset?

No, if you follow the steps they give you, your headset is okay. Just make sure to always use Sidequest the way it's meant to be used.

Do I have to pay for games on Sidequest?

Most games are free, but some might cost money. These games help the people who make them keep making good games.


Sidequest is a special place for VR headset users to find new and exciting games. It lets you try a wide variety of games that are safe and fun. You can help support people who make games and never run out of things to play.

Free Download Sidequest APK Latest Version for Android

If you're ready to try out new games on your VR headset for free, go to to download Sidequest. This website is trusted and simple to use. Get Sidequest now and start exploring new worlds today!

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  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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