SideQuest APK v1.11 (for Android)

SideQuest APK v1.11 (for Android)

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Android 4.4W and up
Version 1.11
17 MB
Android 4.4W and up
Version 1.11
17 MB

SideQuest APK is a tool that lets you download and install games and apps for VR headsets like the Oculus Quest.

App Name SideQuest ( BETA )
Publisher SideQuest Ltd
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SideQuest is a place for more VR games and apps. It is for headsets like Oculus Quest. You use SideQuest to get new VR stuff not in the Oculus Store. It is safe, easy, and free. SideQuest helps users and developers.

Five Key Features

Easy to Connect:

SideQuest makes it easy for you to get new stuff on your VR headset. First, you need to turn on something called Wireless ADB with a USB wire. For this, you can use a PC, MAC, or Linux computer. Or, if your phone can do it, you can connect with USB too. After this, you do not need wires anymore.

Lots of Choices:

With SideQuest, you find many games and apps not on the Oculus Store. You can look for fun things by type, like action games or learning apps. There is always new content for you to try. 

Download is Simple:

Using SideQuest is not hard. First, you make your Oculus account work with it. Then you can go in and look around. If you see a game or app you like, just press Download. SideQuest will send it to your glasses without trouble.

Help for Makers:

People who make games and apps use SideQuest too. It is free, so they like it. They can show their new VR games or apps to people who use SideQuest. This helps them get thoughts and love from users.

Safe and Free Forever:

SideQuest will not ask you for money. It is always free for people using it and making for it. The people who made SideQuest also say that it is safe. They work hard to keep VR growing.

Best Tips for SideQuest

Check for Updates:

Always see if you have the newest version of SideQuest. This makes sure everything works well and you have the latest cool stuff.

Look at the Stars:

Games and apps will have a star number to show if they are good or not. Many stars mean many people like it.

See the Pictures:

Pictures tell you how the game or app looks. This helps you decide if it sounds good for you.

Try Collections:

There are groups of games and apps called collections. They keep things that are the same type together. You find new fun things in them.

Be Safe with Your Account:

SideQuest is safe, but always take care of your Oculus account. Use tricky passwords and do not tell them to anyone. 

Keep these tips in mind to have a better time with SideQuest.

Pros and Cons


More Choices: SideQuest gives you lots of new games and apps. The Oculus Store does not have these yet.

It's Free: You don't pay money for SideQuest. This is good for your pocket.

Good for Makers: People who build VR stuff get help from SideQuest. They show you what they made and you can try it.

Easy Use: SideQuest is simple. It makes having fun with VR easy.

Safe: It keeps your VR and personal stuff safe.


Need for USB at Start: To begin, you have to use a USB wire. Not all phones can do this, so you might need a computer.

Mixed Quality: With so many choices, some are great, but some may not be as fun.

Updates by Hand: You might need to update games and apps yourself, not as simple as the Oculus Store.

More Steps: You have a few extra steps than just buying from the Oculus Store.

Risk of Getting Lost: With so many things to try, you might not know what to pick first.

Alternatives for SideQuest

Another place like SideQuest is the official Oculus Store. There are also websites to get VR games and apps. But, these might not be as safe or easy as SideQuest.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is SideQuest legal?

Yes, it's okay to use SideQuest. It is made to be on the right side of the rules.

2. Can it harm my VR headset?

No, SideQuest is made to be safe for your VR glasses. It does not want to break things.

3. Do I need to pay?

No, SideQuest is free for anyone to get or give VR things.

4. Can SideQuest have bad stuff?

Most things are safe, but always check ratings and user thoughts to be sure.

5. Do I need a special kind of computer?

You can use a PC, MAC, or Linux. For USB, some phones work but not all.


SideQuest is great for Oculus headsets. You get many new game and app choices. It is free, easy, and gives a place for VR makers. Remember, it's always good to try but know what to expect.

Free Download SideQuest APK Latest Version for Android

Get SideQuest for VR fun. Go to It's sure to be safe. Click and get SideQuest now. Share VR joy with friends. It's worth it!

Download (17 MB)

You are now ready to download SideQuest for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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